eminem phenomenal music video teaser trailer

Eminem Teases “Phenomenal” Music Video

Last week we were able to listen to a brand new song from Marshall Mathers from his contribution to the Southpaw movie soundtrack. “Phenomenal” is also the first single released off of the Jake Gyllenhaal movie OST and features a screaming Eminem. A snippet of the second song from the same soundtrack, “Kings Never Die“, was also teased this week.

Today Eminem announced that there will be a music video for “Phenomenal” and the teaser video released for it has all the Stans excited. Watch the trailer for the song below.


You can barely identify it as a music video. It is pretty much a very short movie. The “Phenomenal” teaser video shows Eminem waking up in a hospital-from what seems to be like a surgery-but he is fully clothed and shoes on-why? because he is Eminem and why not!

Then we see a confused Eminem walking around the streets, trying to figure where he is. And then he is on the run.

An unknown voice and Eminem starts having a conversation:

Voice: “You’ve been running for so long. Come back”

Eminem: “And if I don’t?”

Voice: “You’ll fall…”

eminem phenomenal music video teaser
And the teaser has us like…

It definitely looks like a lot of effort and time went into this music video. The graphics and stunts on the teaser itself look pretty epic. “Phenomenal” music video will not disappoint.

Fortunately or unfortunately, “Phenomenal” music video will first be released on Apple Music and then will be later released on YouTube ofcourse. The music video will be premiered on July 3rd.

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