Suicide: Not Means to an End Anymore!

Suicide is a preventable public health concern that needs an immediate multisectoral response. In the majority of the incidents, people who are feeling suicidal are struggling with conditions that can pass with time if they get the right help and care they need at the right time. Friends and family have a crucial role to play in helping close or loved ones who are feeling depressed, stressed, or contemplating suicide.

But, suicide is not a means to an end. An estimated 80% – 90% who seek help when suicidal has had successful results through treatments.

Knowing the Signs

Suicide prevention involves recognizing the warning signs or the red flags that a loved one may be feeling. This may include any of the following:

  • Mood swings that are extreme
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Getting rid of personal belonging and possessions
  • Talking about suicide and death
  • Losing all interest in activities
  • Calling themselves a burden to everyone
  • Attempts of bidding farewells to friends and family
  • Withdrawing from family and friends, and social gatherings.

Sudice is a serious public health concern that should be taken seriously. Here are some of the preventative tips that have been recommended by experts in the field that you need to be aware of:

Never discount a person’s feelings

While you might believe their problems or issues aren’t severe enough to justify suicidal thoughts or actions, what matters will be how bad they believe those feelings are. If they think they are seriously affected by such problems, suicide may seem to be a viable choice in their minds.

Listen without passing judgment on what they’re saying. Do not be dismissive of their emotions or experiences. Never dismiss talks of suicide threats. When anyone makes statements that seem to suggest that they are suicidal or contemplating suicide, you should always take them seriously, no matter what!

Suicide is a cry for help!

When someone attempts suicide, it might not be an indication that they want to die. Rather, it’s a sign that they’re in a lot of emotional distress and do not know what to do about it. Suicide has surfaced in their minds as the only way out of a situation which they do not understand how to handle. It might mean, that they are pursuing alternatives, and attempting suicide may be a way of reaching out to you. So do not ignore these signs!

Be a good listener

Talking with a caring family member or friend and unburdening oneself will go a long way toward relieving the crushing anxiety which can easily lead to suicide attempts. It takes no unique abilities to be a decent listener. Be polite and accepting, but don’t get into a fight or attempt to solve problems in a simple way. Do not suggest quick fixes which may come across as insensitive and trivializing their problems. Be there for your loved ones, and show them you care.

Encouraging them to get professional help

Even if certain suicides appear to occur out of nowhere, the individual was most experiencing depression for a long time before committing suicide. Getting psychiatric help as soon as you notice symptoms of depression is critical in avoiding suicide. Working to eradicate the stigma of depression and supporting those who are suffering to get treatment as soon as possible will save lives. Institutions such as are only a click away from any support you need.

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