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Delvin Hindle – Bio, Songs, Albums, Pictures, News and More

The 20-year-old (2018) Delvin Hindle is the latest and the most promising young artist from Sri Lanka on route to conquer the international music arena. He has already showcased his talents in musical composition, lyricism, and vocals in a short span of time and with a handful of songs.

With a natural knack for lyricism, Delvin has written all of his songs so far, and he also reveals that he has a book full of songs, which may or may not come out in the future.

Delvin Hindle on the set of producing the music video for
Delvin Hindle on the set of producing the music video for “Ride It” single

Delvin Hindle’s previous hits include his first ever single “Wish You Were Here” in 2016 and “Forget It All” in the same year. Hindle’s last hit was titled “Ride It” and this song really brought him to the mainstream music industry earlier this year. The fourth single “Play Pretend” has a solemn and sad tune.

“Wish You Were Here” and “Ride It” singles have soared right to the top of local radio station YES FM’s Home Grown Top 15 chart for English songs. “Wish You Were Here” song was also nominated for a ‘Listener Pick Award’ at one of Sri Lanka’s premier English radio networks.

Delvin Hindle’s Singles

  1. Wish You Were Here (2016)
  2. Forget It All (2016)
  3. Ride It (2018)
  4. Play Pretend (2018)

Delvin has not put out an album as of yet.

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