Peaches 'N Cream

Listen to the Snippet of “Peaches ‘N Cream” by Snoop Dogg Produced by Pharrell Williams

In an early post we announced the new upcoming album of Snoop Dogg, titled “Bush” and entirely produced by Pharrell Williams.  “Bush” will be Snoop Dogg’s 13th studio album (phew!) and will be released under Pharrell’s “i Am Other” label and Columbia records. This new album is Snoop’s newest music work after the successful “Reincarnated” album releases in April 2013.

Snoop Doggs Previews a Snippet of “Peaches ‘N Cream”

Snoopy gave us a little taste of what’s to come. “Peaches ‘N Cream” is the first and lead single of the upcoming album “Bush”. “Peaches ‘N Cream” features a mellow beat and some family-friendly lyrics, as far as the snippet is considered. It’s hard to judge a full album based on one single, but one thing is clear–you can definitely taste the work of Pharrell Williams in this song. Check it out.

Doggy ends the snippet saying “stop with that music. I can’t let you hear all that shit..” LOL. Somethings never change.

Snoop Dogg did not mention as to when the single will be released. It is not available on iTunes or Amazon so far (obviously). So we are keeping our eyes and ears peeled for any news on “Peaches ‘N Cream”. Stay with us for latest updates.

“Bush” album will be released somewhere in March, 2015 so I will make a logical assumption that the new single should be released within the next two weeks.

What do you think about the snippet of “Peaches ‘N Cream”? Do you think this new album of Snoop Dogg will be a little ‘mellow’ than his previous work, maybe due to the influence of Pharrell Williams on it? Let us know.

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