Unexpected Pop Star Cameos in Movies

Unexpected Pop Star Cameos in Movies

The music industry boasts numerous gifted artists, yet only a select few are considered pop stars.…

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taylor hawkins death foo fighters

Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighter Drummer, Dead at 50

Taylor Hawkins, the drummer of the American rock band Foo Fighters, was found dead in a…

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benzino calls off beef with eminem

Benzino Calls Off Beef with Eminem | History & End?

The Eminem-Benzino beef has been one of the most famous and longstanding rap feuds. This is…

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rihanna pregnant pictures

Rihanna Rocking Her Pregnant Body in Pictures

Singer Rihanna went to great lengths to keep her pregnancy away from the public, for all…

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eminem turns 49 happy birthday

Eminem Turns 49 & Fans Wish Rap God a Happy Birthday (2021)

Which is so odd ’cause I’m forty-eight nowThat 5-0’s startin’ to creep up on me like…

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hottest sexiest olivia rodrigo pictures

Hottest & Most Beautiful Olivia Rodrigo Pictures (2022)

Olivia Rodrigo was the breakout superstar in the whole of 2021 with her debut single “driver’s…

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eminem dominates this decade

Eminem Dominates Music at 48YO… Let’s Talk About It!

Every once in a while comes a musician who leaves a legacy behind that defies time.…

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dmx dead at 50

Rapper DMX Dead at 50

Earl Simmons, better known by his stage persona as Dark Man X or DMX, passed away…

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greatest rappers of all time

List of Your Favorite Artists’ Greatest Rappers of All Time Ranking

One of the most repeated, answered, and ongoing questions in music is ‘who are your favorite…

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eminem & snoop dogg beef timeline

Timeline of Beef Between Eminem & Snoop Dogg (Update: May 2021)

Most of us never thought we would see these three words put together in a sentence:…

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