how to make money as musicians

9 Ways to Make Money as a Musician

Being a musician is a fulfilling career but it can be hard to generate reliable income.…

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different types of pianos

What Are the Different Types of Pianos That Exist Today?

Besides the guitar, the piano is one of the most played instruments in the world. But…

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list of all adele songs and albums

List of All Adele Songs & Albums (Updated: October 2021)

When Adele started her music career, the whole world heard. From the tender age of 19,…

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buy music albums cd vinyl digital download

The Flop of ‘500 Greatest Songs of All Time’ 2021 List by Rolling Stone Magazine

The Rolling Stone magazine is one of the most reputed and pioneering music journalists in the…

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rolling stones the 100 greatest music videos of all time list

Analysis of Rolling Stone’s ‘The 100 Greatest Music Videos’ of All Time List

In honor of MTV’s 40th anniversary, Rolling Stone magazine just published a brand new list of…

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all taylor swift album vinyl records

All Taylor Swift Album Vinyls & How to Play Them

After just 16 years and 9 studio albums, Taylor Swift needs no introduction in the music…

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taylor swift lyrics on mental health

4 Taylor Swift Lyrics About Mental Health and Recovery

Any Swiftie knows just how powerful Taylor’s music can be. She covers topics from love and…

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all olivia rodrigo songs and albums

List of All Olivia Rodrigo Songs & Albums (Update: May 2021)

Actress-turned-singer/songwriter, Olivia Rodrigo has seen the highest of highs in the music industry from her debut…

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greatest rappers of all time

List of Your Favorite Artists’ Greatest Rappers of All Time Ranking

One of the most repeated, answered, and ongoing questions in music is ‘who are your favorite…

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list of all music video over 3 billion views on youtube

List of All Music Videos Over 3 Billion Views on YouTube (Update: January 2021)

YouTube is undoubtedly the biggest video-sharing platform in the world right now. And combine YouTube’s massive…

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