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Taylor Swift’s ‘The 1989 World Tour’ Details (Venues, Guest Performances)

2014 marked a hallmark year for young Taylor Swift. Her latest album ‘1989’ broke all sorts of records despite the huge career change. 2015 is going to be even bigger for Taylor, as she plans on touring the world. ‘The 1989 World Tour’ will be bigger than any of her previous world tours (The Red Tour, Speak Now World Tour and Fearless Tour). It’s been about a month since tickets to The 1989 World Tour was released and pretty much every concert venue is sold out.

‘The 1989 World Tour’ is a World Tour Indeed

Taylor Swift will be performing in many countries (Japan, U.S., Germany, The Netherlands, Scotland, England, Ireland, Canada, and Australia) throughout 4 different continents (North America, Europe, Australia, Asia) during the tour. So this is not just an American and a North American tour. She really is moving all over the world. (Tip: Tours are when Taylor usually writes songs for her next album.)

‘The 1989 World Tour’ Kicks off from Japan

The 1989 Tour will kick off on May 5th with a show at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. A repeat performance will be given on the following night at the same location. The U.S. leg of the tour will start off in L.A. on May 20, 2015.

Taylor Swift Will Tour in Germany and The Netherlands

The 1989 world tour will make it’s way through some popular cities in the U.S. before making it’s way to Germany on Friday, June 19th. There will be three consecutive shows that weekend, 2 in Germany at the Lanxess Arena and the last at the Ziggo Dome in The Netherlands. These three concerts will be the only ones to feature James Bay, a British singer/songwriter who is very quickly becoming the next best thing. Performing at a few concerts in Taylor’s tour will be a big boost for his career. James was recently awarded the 2015 Brits Critics’ Choice prize.

After these concerts, Taylor will make her way over to Great Britain for a few shows before making her way over to Ireland for a few more shows. Taylor will then head over to Canada for a couple shows in the beginning of July before spending more time touring through the U.S. and then returning for another couple shows in Canada in October. She will finish up her U.S. tour through November and then end her tour in Australia in December.

Most of these shows are sold out even right now.

NOTE: Due to obvious reasons some of the dates and venues could subject to change. These are the fixed dates, but we could understand how weather and personal well being could interfere with these schedules. Any changes will be notified via social media. Also new concert dates and venues could be added due to popular demand. Many shows are sold out already, so there might be new shows popping up. Keep an eye out for that. (We will edit this article whenever such changes appear to the 1989 world tour. So keep in touch with us.)

Special Guest Performances on The 1989 World Tour

A large majority of the shows will be featuring Vance Joy, a singer/songwriter from Australia who is currently most famous for his hit, Riptide. Having this opportunity to tour with Taylor is sure to boost his career as it did for Ed Sheeran.

Shawn Mendes will be a supporting act for about half of Taylor’s shows. Mendes is a 16-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter whose single “Life of the Party” has gained him quite a bit of attention.

As mentioned before, James Bay will be performing alongside Taylor for three of her European concerts.

Are you excited for The 1989 World Tour? Will you be seeing Taylor live on stage at any of the concerts? Let us know in the comments.