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Taylor Swift’s Cat Meredith Grey Owes Her 40 Million Dollars Now!

Taylor Swift has two adorable kitties living in her apartment. Meredith Grey was the first and Olivia Benson was the second. They have been in many adventures with the 25 year-old multi-millionaire. Street walks with a hundred paparazzi flashing cameras, commercials and 1989 Secret Sessions-they have been through a lot of human experiences.

They are cats, and they show it time to time. Taylor Swift has had quite a few accidents with her cats before-mainly in the lines of scratches. But this time, it’s the biggest scratch ever. And what’s more? This happens just after Taylor Swift insured her legs for 40 million US dollars. So, legally, Meredith Grey owes Taylor a big chunk of cash.

Meredith Grey Got Sassy and Scratched Taylor Swift without Thinking of the Consequences


But I’m sure everything is just fine in the Swift family. Who can stay mad at Meredith Grey?

Taylor Swift Insures Her Legs for $40 Million!

Taylor Swift recently took extreme measures to insure her legs–$40 million worth of effort. This may seem a bit extravagant, but it’s actually not. Most part of Taylor’s revenue is generated through her concerts and tours around the world. Should something happen to her legs (not even gonna think about it!), she will not be able to perform on stages and will lose possible future monetary gains. And potential loss of monetary benefits can be insured. And thus the leg insurance.

Are you overwhelmed by this? Don’t worry, so is Taylor Swift. Sources say that even Taylor is a bit ’embarrassed’ by this move. But it was all for a sound future plan. Taylor Swift the Businesswoman strikes again.

taylor swift insures her legs for 40 million dollars
After all, who wouldn’t wanna protect these magnificent legs?

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