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Lea Michele Releases Music Video for “Thousand Needles”

Lea Michele has released a new music video. It’s the “Thousand Needles” music video from her latest ‘Louder’ album. This music video is hot. Why? Because it contains footage from Fifty Shades of Grey. As the song progresses, we are taken through a variety of scenes from the blockbuster movie.

Watch the Fifty Shades of Grey movie inspired “Thousand Needles” music video below.

What do you think?

The track can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Lea Michele Releases Music Video for “Thousand Needles”

  1. Lea Michele did not release a new music video. Some fan put her song to the movie clips. People do that all the time. So in other words this is a fan made video not something sanctioned by Lea or the movie.

    1. Oh yes, you are absolutely correct. My mistake. I should have known though–the video was not from Vevo or anything. Thank you so much for the clarification.
      See you around.

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