taylor swift billboard music awards 2015 14 nominations

Taylor Swift Has 14 Nominations at Billboard Music Awards 2015

Taylor Swift and Billboard has a special bond-a real musical bond. Billboard is probably the most famous music chart to measure popularity of a song. The chart measures the performance of a song throughout the past week, including metrics such as sales over the week, radio time and general popularity. Only the most popular songs and albums make to the top of the Billboard charts–and Taylor Swift and her music have been permanent residents at Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 charts.

So it comes with little surprise when 2015 Billboard Music Awards nominees were released and Taylor Swift has the highest number of nominations. A staggering 14 nominations across a variety of categories.

The 14 nominations of Taylor Swift span across the following categories;

  • Top Artist
  • Top Female Artist
  • Top Billboard 200 Artist
  • Top Billboard 200 Album – ‘1989’
  • Top Hot 100 Artist
  • Top Hot 100 Song – “Shake It Off”
  • Top Digital Song Artist
  • To Radio Song Artist
  • Top Social Artist (a definite win for Taylor)
  • Top Streaming Artist
  • Top Digital Song
  • Top Streaming Song (Video) – two nominations for “Blank Space” and “Shake It Off”
  • Billboard Chart Achievement Award

She’s going to need a big bag this year, as we think she would probably take home a handful of awards.

Top Artist is a difficult category, but Top Female Artist is all for Taylor. Top Billboard 200 Album will be owned by ‘1989’ as the album has spent over two months on the number one spot. Hot 100 Artist would most likely be won by Taylor too. Top Digital Artist could again be won by Taylor because of her singles performing so good on iTunes and other online sellers. Top Radio Song Artist- I wouldn’t bet on it though. Top Social Artist must be won by Taylor Swift, courtesy of all the interacting she does on Tumblr, and in real life too. We feel like Top Streaming Artist could not be in Taylor’s favor due to her actions to take out ‘1989’ album from Spotify. Top 100 Song is a tough battle between “Stay With Me”, “All About That Bass” and “Shake It Off”. Top Digital Song would most likely be won by “Uptown Funk” for the amazing run it has been having all over the world. Top Streaming Song (Video) should be won by “Blank Space” as the music video is closing on 800 million views on YouTube. The special Billboard Chart Achievement Awards should also be won by Taylor Swift given the competition is between Iggy Azalea, Meghan Trainor and Taylor Swift. Taylor has performed on Billboard charts better than the other two artists.

Taylor Swift tweeted about her 14 Billboard Music Awards 2014 nominations
Taylor Swift tweeted about her 14 Billboard Music Awards 2014 nominations

So there is our take on the 14 nominations for Taylor Swift at Billboard Music Awards 2015. Do you have any thoughts? Leave a comment below.

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