taylor swift perform wildest dreams and enchanted mashup at 1989 world tour tokyo

Taylor Swift Performs “Wildest Dreams/Enchanted” Mashup at 1989 Tokyo Tour

The first concert of the Asian leg of The 1989 World Tour-Tokyo concluded with some great live musical performances by the pop sensation Taylor Swift. The 18 song setlist set the Tokyo Dome alive and on fire. Taylor picked some of her best hits to be performed at the show. But some songs got a wild twist. Like the rock version of “I Knew You Were Trouble” and the “Wildest Dreams and Enchanted” mashup. The two songs are from different eras of Taylor’s career, but the mixture of the two tracks was something we never knew we needed so much.

The mashup is so hauntingly beautiful and on equal pace. Taylor Swift played the keyboard to perform the two songs and it was truly something enchanting out of a wild dream. Watch the performance below.


I think this is one of the best mashups by Taylor Swift ever. The keyboard, the songs, the lyrics and everything else was on point.

Make sure to leave a comment about this performance from the 1989 Tokyo Tour. Do you want this at the US Tour as well?

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