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Eminem Has Superhuman Strength in “Phenomenal” Music Video

Eminem is on a role. The Detroit rapper released the visuals for his latest single from the upcoming movie soundtrack for Southpaw. The music video for “Phenomenal” is nothing like we have seen before from Marshall. The entire music video is a short movie of Eminem escaping some unknown territories after waking up in a hospital from a coma.

Plot: Eminem wakes up in a hospital without any memory of how he got there. He looked to have been in a coma. He escapes the hospital fighting some security guards who try to restraint him. During the fights he realizes that he has superhuman strength. He takes down some 6-7 guards single-handedly. Then he moves on to the streets-he is still Eminem-people start taking pictures of him and he tries to avoid them. Still guards chase him and he beats them with a massive fish, yes, a fish.

Then a weird guy appears in a handcart and a conversation strikes out.

Random guy: “Impressive. Pointless, but impressive” *offers noodles*

Eminem: “Who are you?”

Guy: “A way out of here if you so chose”

Em: “And if I don’t”

Guy: “You’ll fall. You’ve been running so long. Come back”

Eminem refuses the noodles (NOOOO!) and gets attacked again. However, Randall Park makes a wild appearance in the “Phenomenal” music video and makes things ever so funny. He tries to take a selfie from the car Em uses to escape the bad guys, and gets kicked out of his own car by Eminem.

randall park and eminem in phenomenal music video

Then Em tries to escape in a helicopter where he gets attacked by a rocket launcher. Seeing the missile closing in Eminem jumps from the helicopter. “you will fall” comes into a reality.

Eminem crashes through a ceiling falls into the ground. There stands Dr. Dre and says “right on time.” Eminem gets up and he is standing infront of a mic, on a stage. This is his safe haven.

To sum up the meaning of the “Phenomenal” music video, I would say Eminem feels at home when he is engaged in music. When he is out of doing music, he feels paralyzed or even coma-like. Music is his life. Music is what keeps him going.

Watch “Phenomenal” Music Video on Dailymotion

After watching the video, make sure to leave a comment about it. Obviously, a lot of effort went into the making of “Phenomenal” music video, that extends for 7+ minutes, so make sure to support all parties involved by purchasing the single on iTunes or Amazon.


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