selena gomez new song me and the rhythm from revival

(Review) Selena Gomez Releases “Me & The Rhythm” Single from ‘Revival’ Album

Selena Gomez’s upcoming album ‘Revival’ is pacing at full throttle as she releases the third single today. “Me & The Rhythm” comes after the highly successful “Good For You” and “Same Old Love” singles which were released earlier.

Her latest song “Me & The Rhythm” is less moody, but the lyrics speak of the same message -revival. At one point she goes “Oh I start to feel it now/Feeling like I’m truly free/I’m free and me..” which is a clear sign of her new beginnings.

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The new song is definitely a more chirpier track than her previous moody tracks. However, the new single has the same undertone, speaking about how she is starting up a new chapter in her life. Selena says that her music is the most important thing to her right now. Maybe she is focused on her career now, rather than falling for cute boys.

And everybody wants to be touched

Everybody wants to get some

I don’t know what she means by this, besides the obvious sexual reference in the words. Or it can be taken to a whole other religious level, meaning everybody wants to be touched by the grace of Gods. But that meaning is highly unlikely to fit into this particular scenario.

Whatever the meanings behind the song, Selena Gomez has created yet another beautiful piece of music. The upbeat and her adorable voice is bound to get “Me & The Rhythm” a top spot on music charts.

Having high hopes about ‘Revival’, how about you?


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