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Get In A Bathtub with DeJ Loaf in “Who Am I?” Music Video

“Who Am I?” is a track from DeJ Loaf’s brand new album ‘All Jokes Aside.’ She is definitely making her stance in the hip-hop game with her latest music work. “Who Am I?” music video is another proof of that-it is both creative, sexy and visually appealing.

She is soaked in black water, which I believe would have been a symbol of the uncertainties surrounding her life. For others who want to enjoy the video-it is DeJ Loaf naked in a bathtub-what more could you ask for?

Fair warning, NSFW content ahead.

Watch “Who Am I?” below

Shooters sliding down your block in them suit and ties
Do you want to ride? No do or die
They tryna take your soul, nigga run and hide
I just be thinking the worst, surprise it’s your birthday
When the last time you done been down to that church aye?
Say it ain’t what you think, say how you feel, say what you think nigga

Tell us what you think about this music video? Do you think she is on to something?

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