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Migos – Bad and Boujee Ft. Lil Uzi Vert (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Migos have earned themselves a Billboard Hot 100 top track with “Bad and Boujee” which currently ranks at #2 on the chart. The song was released back in 2016, but will be a track on Migo’s upcoming 2017 album ‘Culture.’ The album is due to release on January 27, 2017. “Bad and Boujee” is produced by Metro Boomin and G. Koop and features guest artist Lil Uzi Vert. The song basically speaks about the lavish lifestyle of the artists courtesy of the money made through the industry. They get pretty explicit about it too. Continue reading for our lyrics annotation.

Cover artwork of
Cover artwork of “Bad and Boujee”

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The music video for “Bad and Boujee” contains various extravagances that money and fame has enabled these artists to. BMWs, Rolls Royce’s, dirt bikes, golden blings, designer made clothes and shoes, expensive champagne and expensive women seem to be the life of these new-money crews. The video is 5 minutes 30 seconds of luxuries that normal people can’t afford and they showcase it good.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Bad and Boujee”

Let’s talk about the title. Bad is just bad and ‘boujee’ is a common misspelling of the word ‘bourgeois’ which is word representing the materialistic nature of the upper middle and upper class folks.

Intro is performed by Offset…

You know, young rich n*ggas
You know so we never really had no old money
We got a whole lotta new money though, hah
(If Young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon’ shoot ya)

“Young Rich N*ggas” is a mixtape by Migos from 2013 that really put them on the map. That is where the earning started. They are referring to ‘old money vs new money.’ Old money is what you inherit from your family and new money is made by you. The Migos folks never had money they inherited. They made it all by themselves and now they are at a place where they can afford music videos like “Bad and Boujee.” Young Metro is a reference to the producer Metro Boomin.


Raindrop, drop top (drop top)
Smokin’ on cookie in the hotbox (cookie)
F*ckin’ on your b*tch she a thot, thot (thot)
Cookin’ up dope in the crockpot (pot)
We came from nothin’ to somethin’ n*gga (hey)
I don’t trust nobody grip the trigger (nobody)

The drop-top convertible is the BMW you see in the beginning of the music video. The singer is smoking a blunt in the car on a rainy day. ‘Cookie’ is apparently a good strain of mar*juana. ‘Thot’ is an acronym for ‘that hoe over there’ or ‘thirsty hoe over there’ so you can connect the rest of the sentence. They keep on emphasizing that they made their money on their own and now they are something. They first handed know how cut throat the industry is and so they don’t trust anybody.

Call up the gang, and they come and get you (gang)
Cry me a river, give you a tissue (hey)
My b*tch is bad and boujee (bad)
Cookin’ up dope with an Uzi (blaow)
My n*ggas is savage, ruthless (savage)
We got 30’s and 100 rounds too (grrah)

‘Cry me a river’ is a phrase used to describe an overly dramatic situation and Migos is having none of that. He gives her a tissue-a single tissue-to wipe off her river flow. His girlfriend is what is described in the title of the song. Offset is saying he is cooking dope with an Uzi-could be referring to Lil Uzi Vert. A standard Uzi gun allows 30 rounds of bullets in the magazine but there are magazines that can hold a 100 rounds too. Uzi guns are usually considered the fanciest hand guns out there-looks compact, shoots fast and easy to handle.

A gold Uzi gun
A gold Uzi gun Credits: Pinterest
Verse 1 of “Bad and Boujee” is by Offset…

Offset, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!
Rackings on rackings, got back-ends on back-ends
I’m ridin’ around in a coupe (Coupe)
I take your b*tch right from you (You)
B*tch I’m a dog, roof (grr)
Beat the hoe walls loose (Hey)

Offset says he will steal your girl right from you. Apparently he has done something too, as evident by this video. He is driving a coupe-a term for a very expensive sports car.

Hop in the frog, whoo (skrt)
I tell that b*tch to come comfort me (comfort for me)
I swear these n*ggas is under me (hey)
They hate and the devil keep jumpin’ me (jumpin’ me)
Bankrolls on me keep me company (cash)

‘Frog’ is a reference to the low-rider vehicles that jump up and down with hydraulics. There’s really no one that the singer can trust in this industry and his only true friend is the money. Money is his only companion and because of that he is being envied.

We did the most, yeah
Pull up in Ghosts, yeah (whoo)
My diamonds a choker (glah)
Holdin’ the fire with no holster (Blaow)
Rick the Ruler, diamonds cooler (cooler)
This a Rollie, not a Muller (hey)
Dabbin’ on ’em like the usual (dab)
Magic with the brick, do voodoo (magic)

Ghost is a Rolls Royce brand of luxury car which is quite expensive and he says he is wearing diamonds around his neck.

Holding the fire (gun) with no holster means that he is ready to shoot. This says that he is always on the alert because of the money and fame and all the bad that comes with it.

‘Rick the Ruler’ is a nickname to the rapper Slick Rick who also had a lot of bling around him and Offset says his diamonds are cooler than Slick’s. Franck Muller is a Swiss watch manufacturer, but he says he is wearing Rolex. A brick of cocaine is a kilogram and he does black magic (voodoo) by cutting the drugs with other ingredients to increase the quantity. And black magic can return on you too.

Courtside with a bad b*tch (b*tch)
Then I send the b*tch through Uber (go)
I’m young and rich and plus I’m bougie (hey)
I’m not stupid so I keep the Uzi (rrah)
Rackings on rackings, got back-ends on back-ends
So my money makin’ my back ache
You n*ggas got a low acc rate (acc)
We from the Nawf, yeah, dat way (nawf)
Fat Cookie blunt in the ashtray (cookie)
Two b*tches, just national smash day (smash)
Hop in the Lamb, have a drag race (Skrt)
I let them birds take a bath, bathe (Brr)

His girl is no good-probably a gold digger and Offset does not bother dropping her home in his luxury cars. He calls her an Uber. Migos crew is still in their young ages. Offset is 25 years old and he is quite rich. He embraces the fact that he is materialistic and lavish. He keeps the gun by his side because he senses danger in this lifestyle, but he is hooked.

Offset is making so much money from means other than music too. Not illegal things, but from concerts, commercials, product endorsements and businesses, which he refers to as back-end money. He is carrying a lot on his shoulders that his back is starting to hurt.

‘Acc rate’ means accuracy rate and Migos says his competition cannot fire at him straight. They miss him everytime they take a shot at him.

Nawf is a common reference to Gwinnett County where the Migos members are from. “Dat Way” is a song by Migos. They have girlS with them and have a ‘smash day.’ XD

‘Birds’ is a reference to cocaine and bathing them is a step in the process of making cocaine.

Verse 2 is by Quavo…

Pour a four, I’m droppin’ muddy
Outer space, Kid Cudi (drank)

I’m not familiar with the drug manufacturing process, so, four ounces of something added to something produces ‘lean’ which is also known as muddy-a drug infused drink-also known as a drank. Quavo is so high he feels like he is in a song by Kid Cudi, who produces space-themed music.

Introduce me to your b*tch as wifey and we know she sluttin’
Broke a brick down, nutted butted, now that n*gga duckin’
Don’t move too fast I might shoot you (huh?)
Draco bad and boujee (Draco)

Breaking a brick down mean cutting a kilo of cocaine into smaller quantities by adding more ingredients. Draco is a type of AK47 guns from Romania.

I’m always hangin’ with shooters (brrah)
Might be posted somewhere secluded (private)
Still be playin’ with pots and pans, call me Quavo Ratatouille
Run with that sack, call me Boobie (run with it)
When I’m on stage show me boobies (ay)

Quavo is rich and famous but he still finds himself playing with pots and pans, but this time they are cooking drugs. Ratatouille is a Pixar movie which shows a story of a rat who can’t help but cook. So we call the singer Quavo Ratatouille. LOL. James Earl ‘Boobie’ Miles is a star running back athlete and Quavo compares himself to the football star. Then comes Quavo’s humble request for the women in his audience!

Ice on my neck, I’m the coolest (ice)
Hop out the suicide with the Uzi (pew-pew-pew)
I pull up, I pull up, I pull up
I hop out with all of the drugs and the good luck (skrrt)
I’m cookin’, I’m cookin’, I’m whippin’
I’m whippin’ into a rock up, let it lock up (lock up)

‘Ice’ here acts with two definitions. Ice is slang for diamonds and Quavo says he is dressed up in diamonds. Also he says he is the coolest because of the diamonds on his neck. Actual Ice forms in freezing temperatures which can also be called ‘coolest’ temperature. So clever wordplay here.

Hop out of a car with suicide door (a door hinged from the back) with an Uzi-the gun ans also a shout out to Lil Uzi Vert who collaborates on “Bad and Boujee.” Luck is something you need in tons when you are handling ‘coke’ and and guns. He says he is cooking dope and shooting guns.

I gave her 10 racks
I told her go shoppin’ and spend it all at the pop up (ten)
These b*tches they f*ck and suck d*ck
And they bustin’ for Instagram, get your Klout up
Uh, yeah, dat way, float on the track like a Segway (go)
Yeah, dat way, I used to trap by the Subway (trappin’)
Yeah, dat way, young n*gga trap with the AK (rrrah)
eah, dat way, big dyk3 ho get it on, Macy Gray (hey)

Racks is slang for money and 10 racks is probably like 10,000 dollars and Quavo burnt the cash by giving away to her girl to spend on a pop-up ad. In return they do the the things mentioned in the next line. Klout is an online platform which measures your social media score based on your popularity and activity on different social media platforms.

Verse 3 is performed by Lil Uzi Vert…

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
My b*tch she bad to the bone, ay
Wait, these n*ggas watchin’
I swear to God they be my clones
Yeah, hey, huh

His girl is bad to the core-just like the song title “Bad and Boujee.” Others are looking at these rich kids and are jealous. They want to be like him and they clone him.

Switchin’ my hoes like my flows (what?)
Switchin’ my flows like my clothes (like what?)
Keep on shootin’ that gun, don’t reload
Ooh, ooh, now she want f*ck with my crew

Uzi says it’s not his fault that these women come and go. He may have faults, but it’s not his fault that these materialistic women don’t stick. His flows are vivid-ever changing like his clothes. These bad women causes rivalries within the crew as well, and Migos and Lil Uzi Vert are not having any of that.

Cause the money come all out the roof
Drive the Rari, that b*tch got no roof (skrt)
Wait, what kind of Rari? 458 (damn)
All of these n*ggas, they hate (they hate)
Try to hide, shoot through the gate
Look, go to strip club, make it rain, yeah

Uzi’s drop top convertible is spilling off with cash and he really wants us to know about his Ferrari 458 Spider drop top convertible, which is pretty expensive. He gets a lot of hate because of all these luxuries and often he has to hide himself to avoid the bullets. When they go the club, they spend lavishly.

So much money, they use rakes
Count 100 thousand in your face (in your face)
Yeah, then put 300 right in the safe
Met her today, ooh
She talk to me like she knew me, yeah

They have so much money that they need rakes to collect the money. A hundred thousand dollars is nothing for them and they stack 300,000s in their safes. All the money has them attracting strange women like they have been friends forever.

Go to sleep in a jacuzzi, yeah
Wakin’ up right to a two-piece, yeah
Countin’ that paper like loose leaf, yeah
Gettin’ that chicken with blue cheese, yeah
Boy, you so fake like my collar
You snakin’, I swear to God that be that Gucci, aye

As extravagant as it may seem to sleep in a jacuzzi, one could really drown in one! LOL. And they wake up to women in two-piece bikinis-a sign of a wild night before.

‘Chicken’ is yet another slang for cocaine and ‘blue cheese’ is a reference to the $100 bill.

A snake is someone who is not to be trusted and the riches these young rappers have got them attracting snakes in herds. They are just there for their money and materials.

And you know we winnin’ (winnin’)
Yeah, we is not losin’
Try to play your song, it ain’t move me (what?)
Saw your girl once, now she choosin’, yeah

They call themselves winners-in fact they are. They made that young money and now they are spending it. But their wealth is growing, so they are not losing even if they spend lavishly. They try to be like others (maybe, other jobs etc) but that is not their rhythm. Girls who have seen them just once are now second guessing about who to choose.

“Bad and Boujee” lyrics are quite explicit and savage. Migos and Uzi gets everything they want out there in these 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Takeoff’s absence  in this song is noteworthy.

We have concluded this lengthy lyrics annotation of “Bad and Boujee” and we hope this sheds some light into the meanings behind these lyrics and most importantly the slang used in this song.

If you like “Bad and Boujee” leave a comment below stating your reasons and if you have your own interpretations of the lyrics please do note them in the comments below. Also share this with the fans of Migos and don’t forget to buy the track to support the artists.

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