lady gaga the cure new single 2017 lyrics review

Listen to Lady Gaga’s New Single “The Cure” Premiered at Coachella (Lyrics Review)

Lady Gaga performed at Coachella 2017 and she did not forget to give the fans a little surprise. The surprise was a brand new single titled “The Cure” which is out now as a single. “The Cure” is a Pop-Country infused melody talking about a sweet and devoting relationship.

The inspiration for “The Cure” has been drawn from a personal space as Lady Gaga announced the following before premiering the new song.

“I love you guys so much. I have been through so much in my life and I’ve seen so much. And you cure me every time with your love.”

Listen to “The Cure” Single by Lady Gaga

The song resonates back to her ‘Joanne’ album roots as the album was more of a Country-Pop infusion.

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The lyrics to the song are pretty simple and straightforward and we will take a look at the song meaning below.

Verse 1

I’ll undress you, ’cause you’re tired
Cover you as you desire
When you fall asleep inside my arms
May not have the fancy things
But I’ll give you everything
You could ever want, it’s in my arms

“The Cure” is about a sweet love and the first verse justifies that. Lady Gaga sings how she is going to take care of her significant other. She will welcome them when they come from work after a tiring day, help them undress and make them feel good.

She says that she might not have fancy things to offer him, but she will make do best of her love for him. And she says everything he could ever want is with her.


So baby tell me yes
And I will give you everything
So baby tell me yes
And I will be all yours tonight
So baby tell me yes
And I will give you everything
I will be right by your side

Again, Lady Gaga just wants his appreciation and love in return for her undying love for him. She is sacrificing herself for the happiness of her partner. Through think and thin!


If I can’t find the cure, I’ll
I’ll fix you with my love
No matter what you know, I’ll
I’ll fix you with my love
And if you say you’re okay
I’m gonna heal you anyway
Promise I’ll always be there
Promise I’ll be the cure (be the cure)

Lady Gaga says she would be there for him no matter what he goes through. Even at troubling times-when everything seems not to work-she will be there to comfort him with her love. If he feels broke and beaten down, she will be there to fix him with her love. That is the “The Cure” she is singing about in this song.

Verse 2

Rub your feet, your hands, your legs
Let me take care of it, babe
Close your eyes, I’ll sing your favorite song
I wrote you this lullaby
Hush now baby, don’t you cry
Anything you want could not be wrong

Extreme feminists may have a rage over these lyrics, because Lady Gaga says she will even rub his man’s body if he is feeling exhausted from work or anything. So looks as if Gaga is singing about a love that is going to fix the man emotionally and physically both.

Having Lady Gaga sing a lullaby to you would be a dream come true and that is what’s in offer for this man. We are kind of jealous as well.

However, “The Cure” is a sweet and touching love song from the wifey to the husband telling him all the things she would do to make his life easier and make him love her more. This kind of love is dying down today, so at least we get to listen to it in lyrics.

We think “The Cure” is a very nice song by Gaga and would love to hear your opinions as well. Make sure to leave a comment about anything relating to the song below and we will get back to you.

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