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The Morally Good Marshmello’s “Find Me” Music Video

Marshmello is on a role with his latest release “Find Me” single and music video which has him wandering through a dead house party and giving some life into it. After revealing his true identity (which is not a marshmallow) on ‘Freal Luv,’ he is on to another track which looks like a big hit. After a few hours since release, the video has over 3 million views on YouTube alone.

The video shows some good morals to say the least. At the beginning of the video, we see Marshmello getting offered drugs and booze, to which he says ‘no.’ Had he accepted, this video would a whole lot different. But he parties responsibly. Then he wanders around to see a twinkie-eating, pillow fighting, boozed up frat party, with grumpy people. Then he decides to take on the DJ.

Watch “Find Me” Video by Marshmello

The entire 3 minutes of “Find Me” is upbeat electronic music and it’s something all of us can enjoy.

We love the video and the music Marshmello has brought to us and we would love to hear your opinion on this. Also take a look at more of his best work below. And some of his music has lyrics too. 😛

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