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Remembering Avicii – Top 10 Best Songs of the Swedish DJ Maestro

Avicii’s short career span has inspired, affected and moved many around the world. The flash flood of reactions to his passing, by artists and fans alike, prove this. The world of EDM is shook and Tomorrowland will never be the same.

Avicii had a unique set of EDM skills which he combined with some amazing vocals to produce some of the immortal tracks of this era. Many of the songs listed below will withstand the test of time and competition. It is highly likely that we will keep on hearing his music for many years to come and it will still give all of us chills.

Top 10 Best Songs by Avicii

Creating a top 10 list for an artist of the caliber of Avicii, is not a simple task. Hence, this list is of our opinion and you are welcome to suggest your own favorites.

10. Broken Arrows

This song is from Avicii’s 2015 album ‘Stories’ and has been certified Platinum sales in Swden. This song is based on the true story of Richard Douglas Fosbury-the man who revolutionized the sport of high jumping with the new technique that is used today. The song presents a very touching story-line and the music is just perfect.

09. Lonely Together Ft. Rita Ora

Released in 2017 in the EP ‘Avīci (01)’, this is one of Avicii’s major collaborations with a mainstream artist. The song speaks about a distorted love and the music video shows the passion and hiccups of young love. The song recorded Platinum sales statuses in several countries including UK.

08. The Days

Appearing in the 2015 album ‘Stories,’ this song has some killer beats and inspirational lyrics. This upbeat track was nominated for Grammis ‘Song of The Year’ award. The lyrics to the song has been contributed by Robbie Williams and the vocals are of his own as well. “The Days” has been certified Gold and Platinum in sales in several countries.

07. Silhouettes

Released in 2012, this song shows how the digital era is dragging people to their own demise. The song recorded Platinum and Silver sales in multiple countries.

06. The Nights

“That’s when I decided, when I die, I wanna be remembered for the life I lived, not the money I made.” – The Nights

This is one of the songs that define Avicii as a human being. The entire song is filled with inspirational and motivational scenes of growing up as a family man. However, not to confuse that this means being dull and serious. The video and the song is hyped up and filled with energy. It is filled with life, much like Avicii.

The song peaked at number 6 on UK Single Chart and number 1 on UK Dance Chart. It also recorded multi-Platinum sales in UK, US, New Zealand and more.

05. I Could Be The One

Watch at your own risk, this one is pretty explicit.

Nonetheless, we find a good meaning behind this song, about how not to cave into social norms and live life at your own will. It might involve making some wrong decisions. But that’s life.

The better part about this song is that it is a musical fusion of Avicii and Nicky Romero, and the influence is very noticeable. The song peaked at number 1 on UK Single and UK Dance charts, while recording multi-platinum sales in Denmark.

04. Addicted To You

Yet another hit released from the 2013 album ‘True’ as this tells a beautiful tale of love between same sex partners. The music video released is intense and powerful.

The song peaked on music charts in several countries and was critically appraised as one of the better EDM tracks of our time with sound lyrics.

“Addicted To You” was nominated for ‘World Music Award for World’s Best Song’ and ‘World Music Award for World’s Best Video.’

I’m addicted to you,
Hooked on your love,
Like a powerful drug
I can’t get enough of

03. Levels

“Levels” is one of the songs that really put Avicii on the EDM map. And it has been played and replayed in every party, music festival and club ever since. This is one of the beats for eternity. It has very few lyrics, but the progressive music is in sync with the title “Levels” as it elevates your mood.

If you need more reasons why this track is so great, read Billboard’s compilation of 10 reasons why “Levels” is the greatest EDM track ever. The song is recorded multi-platinum sales figures in many countries including US, UK, Denmark and Australia.

02. Hey Brother

Released from the first studio album ‘True’ in 2013, this is an iconic track by Avicii, that is being revered by the EDM community to-date. The song gives some very intuitive advise to a brother about life and love.

“Hey Brother” peaked in musical charts around the world and recorded multi-platinum sales worldwide.

The track was also used as a theme song for a Coca Cola commercial titled ‘Brotherly Love.’

01. Wake Me Up

Complete with an amazing music video, lyrics and some hype beats, we would select “Wake Me Up” as the best of the best by Avicii.

This is yet another track from the ‘True’ album and has been nominated for Grammis ‘Song of The Year,’ World Music Award for Best Song, iHeartRadio Music Award for Best Lyrics and more.

The song topped music charts in 22 countries around the world and broke all of Avicii’s personal records.


This is surprise ending we wanted you to see. This song produced by Avicii comes before he assumed the stage name. The track goes by Tim Berg-which is Avicii’s real name. “Seek Bromance” is still a good progressive track released back in 2010. The song speaks about friendship.

So, there you go. JustRandomThing’s list of the top 10 production works by Avicii. Do let us know if your favorite track did not make it to the list and we can consider adding it.

Join hands to bid farewell to one of the better talented DJs of our time.

Rest In Peace, Tim Bergling!!!

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