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Charlie Puth’s “Done For Me” Video is a Hot Mess with Kehlani

This is one of the most awaited music videos of Charlie Puth from this year and he does not disappoint. “Done For Me” music video features Charlie Puth, second vocalist Kehlani and a third girl involved in a three-way relationship which gets quite steamy at times.

“Done For Me” is the fourth single off of Charlie Puth’s second studio album ‘Voicenotes’ due in early May, 2018. Charlie Puth explained how the inspiration for the song came to be;

“I produced this after an unsuccessful party in L.A., which is what all these records are based off… I have my little Juno keyboard… and just hit one of these settings here and played a B minor chord. It just made me think of Wham! It made me think of 1988. I put that chord down and I immediately thought of Kehlani.”

Watch “Done For Me” Music Video

“Done For Me” speaks about a relationship that is falling apart-maybe due to the introduction of a third person into the equation.

I lie for you, baby
I die for you, baby
Cry for you, baby
But tell me what you’ve done for me

Of all the things he/she has done for each other, they don’t see the other person doing anything back. It is interesting that both male and female singers sing these lyrics, which makes us wonder if both of them did put an effort into the relationship but was passed on unnoticed by both of them.

In verse 2, we find Kehlani saying that she is being accused of cheating. She assures that she did not. In real life, Kehlani was accused of cheating on her boyfriend-NBA star Kyrie Irving, with PARTYNEXTDOOR. So these lyrics could be drawn straight out from her personal life.

With a catchy tune and a good music video, “Done For Me” is set to be a record-breaking single. Let us know what you think about the song and the music video in the comments section below.

Full Lyrics to “Done For Me”

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