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PewDiePie – bitch lasagna (T-Series Diss Track) (Lyrics Meaning)

If you have been to the YouTube in the past two months, you cannot be unaware of the paradigm shifting competition between two of the biggest YouTube accounts in the world. From the Western hemisphere we have Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg AKA PewDiePie, and from the Eastern hemisphere we have T-Series. And the two giants have been creeply close to claiming the title of ‘biggest YouTube channel in the world.’

The cold war began a few months back when T-Series, an Indian music channel, grew exponentially and came closer to surpassing Felix’s sub count. This was brought to attention by fans around the world and thus the paradigm shift began. PewDiePie was possibly the least to be motivated to do anything about this, but he capitalized on this new found popularity to release a song and a video about his competition. T-Series is an Indian record label company, so we are almost fully guaranteed that there will be no response to anything PewDiePie does. So, PewDiePie released a song titled “bitch lasagna” brutally attacking the T-Series channel.

Before this diss track was released, Neeraj Kalyan, President of T-Series, spoke about the fans going crazy about this competition;

“PewDiePie is indeed a good channel and there is no competition between T-Series & PewDiePie as both have different sets of audiences. I wish all the very best to PewDiePie.”

Neeraj Kalyan (T-Series President)

The “bitch lasanga” video released on October 5, now has over 65 million views. This truly shows off the loyal fanbase of PewDiePie, whereas T-Series videos struggle to rake up 1 million views for a video. Felix mentions this in his T-Series diss track as well.

Watch “bitch lasagna” Video by PewDiePie

At the moment of putting this article together, T-Series has 75,381,513 subscribers on their YouTube channel with 12,913 videos. PewDiePie has 76,456,099 subs with 3,688 videos. To put these stats to perspective, T-Series operates in a demographic of 1.34 billion people. PewDiePie has fans all over the world, however, his main demographics would be the USA (325 million population), the UK (66 million population), his native land-Sweden (10 million population) and Canada (36 million population). T-Series releases music videos produced by artists. PewDiePie releases gameplays, songs, memes, news and many more created, produced and edited by himself. In a nutshell, Pewd’s 76 million subs are hard-earned.

Many popular YouTubers released public statements for their followers to follow PewDiePie in order to keep Felix as the King of YouTube. However, T-Series numbers are soon expected to catch up with Pewd’s.

“bitch lasagna” Song Meaning


PewDiePie expresses his distaste for T-Series He also says it’s nothing personal, but strictly professional.

Verse 1

All the verses on “bitch lasagna” are direct and indirect slaps at T-Series channel and its origins.

‘bobs or vegena” is a reference from PewDiePie’s video on r/indianpeoplefacebook, which showed a thirsty misspelt comment by an Indian on Facebook. The correct English would be ‘boobs and vagina.’

PewDiePie threatens to ‘spill the tea’ on T-Series, meaning to reveal the ugly truths. However, there are no shocking revelations announced in this song.

‘You India You Lose’ is another video created by PewDiePie.

Felix also says that he rates T-Series at 0 out of 10 and claps the channel back to its’ seat. Pewds has a ‘meme review’ video series where he claps at shocking revelations.


The phrase ‘bitch lasagna’ is again from Pewd’s video on r/indianpeoplefacebook

Felix also compares the chaneel to a crying toddler asking for his mommy.

Verse 2

‘Blue Eyes White Dragon’ and ‘Dark Magician’ are references to a card game ‘Yu-Gi-Oh.’ Felix says he is a ‘Blue Eyes White Dragon’ which is a very powerful card with 8 stars in the game. ‘Dark Magician’ is only a 7 star card. Felix is establishing his superiority over T-Series.

Pewds also lays some stats in his T-Series diss track. He brings out that T-Series has a backing of 1/5th of the world population, where as Pewd’s sub base consists of 9-year-olds of the world.

‘Motu Patlu’ is an animated cartoon series on Nickelodeon India. In Hindi, the name translates to ‘Fat and Thin.’


In the outro of “bitch lasagna,” Pewds resettles to numbers to prove that he has been doing an exceptional job in building this fanbase. He points out that even though T-Series comes from a nation of over 1.3 billion people and have nearly as 75 million subscribers, their videos usually tend to fall below 500K viewership. Pewd’s videos consistently gather over 10 million views on average.

Did you enjoy this hilarious diss track by PewDiePie? What is your favourite part or lyric? Let us know in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “bitch lasagna” by PewDiePie

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