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Tragic Rabbit Story in “Fire On Fire” by Sam Smith (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Sam Smith’s emotional vocals feature on the BBC and Netflix’s mini-series ‘Watership Down.’ The series is an adaptation of the novel Richard Adams published in 1972. The story is a brutal tale of the small group of rabbits living in the town of Watership Down in Hampshire, England. The new song “Fire On Fire” is a song of love perfectly synced within the chaos that unfolds in the music video.

This new track comes after Sam Smith’s collaboration with Calvin Harris on the upbeat single “Promises.” The mini-series ‘Watership Down’ is available on Netflix on December 23, 2018.

Plot Summary:

This is a story of a group of hares/rabbits fleeing from their warren in a war-stricken England. They try to seek salvation and survival in the town of Watership Down amdst all the natural and man-made chaos.

We get a rabbit’s POV of the world that we humans usually fail to see. They endure attacks from different prey such as birds, foxes, dogs, and even human hunting. They struggle with railway tracks, human traps, natural traps, hunting dogs and the list goes on. The group even suffers struggles within themselves as intense arguments lead to murders as well. In the video for “Fire On Fire” we get a closer look at this group of rabbits and the result is too tragic to tolerate.

Watch “Fire On Fire” Video by Sam Smith

Sam Smith and Steve Mac’s lyrics for this series adaptation isn’t as horrific as the music video, as it tells a tale of love.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Fire On Fire”

The story in the lyrics wind around the fact that rabbits are intense lovers. One “fire” in the song title is about the passion of these rabbits for life, and the other “fire” is about the chaos and destruction happening around them. Together, ‘Watership Down’ is poised to be a wild ride.

In the lyrics, we hear the POV of one hare who sings about his attraction for a female rabbit, doe, of the group. He explains how he fell in love and how she takes his breath away.

“we’re normally killers” could be a reference to the fact that rabbits are known to eat their babies under different circumstances. “Out of control” and “sinners” could be a reference to the lore that rabbits are known to be wild sexual appetizers. But this male rabbit invites his lover to forget what everyone says of them and enjoy their love for each other.

Let us know what you think about “Fire On Fire” by Sam Smith, and what you think the song means in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Fire On Fire” by Sam Smith

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