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Sting and Shaggy Premiere “Just One Lifetime” Single and Video (Lyrics Review)

Sting, a primarily Rock artist and Shaggy, almost exclusively a reggae artist, may seem like an unusual combination. But this did not stop them from creating their first ever collaborative album ’44/876.’ After almost a year later, we have a new single and a music video from the album and “Just One Lifetime” is fun!

The 16-track album won the ‘Best Reggae Album’ at the 61st Grammy Awards held in February 2019. The album also reached #3 in Poland, #9 in UK and #40 on Billboard 200 charts. The album title is a combination of the country dialling codes +44 for UK and +876 for Jamaica signifying the roots of each artist.

“Just One Lifestime” is an ode to the life that we get to make a positive change to the world. The duo sing about how love and peace is the way to go in this world without destroying it. The artists also draw a quote from Lewis Carroll’s 1871 book ‘Through The Looking-Glass.’

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The music video for “Just One Lifetime” adopts an interesting screenplay. A girl is seen in the shower when she hears the song playing in her living room. When she enters the living room she realizes that there is an ensemble of musicians performing. Confused and naked, she reaches for a bathrobe to cover herself. She tries to communicate with Sting and Shaggy and fails. It is as if the artists weren’t real.

However, one important thing you might miss and confuse everything thereafter is the clock that this girl wakes up to. This 24-hour digital clock strikes 16:20 when she wakes up and decides to take a shower. In standard 12-hour clock, that is 4:20, and that is the universal code for marijuana. So, is this enitire video a vision manifested out of a trance under ganja?

The video directed by Joseph Khan, further adds to the above argument when the girl is seen sleeping in her bed at the end of the video.

Throughout the chaos of hallucinations and parties and running around naked, Sting and Shaggy deliver an amazing performance of the vocals. Sting’s soothing voice and Shaggy’s rhythmatic beats are just reminders of the good ol’ days.

What do you think about this song and the music video by Sting and Shaggy? Drop a comment below.

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