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Here’s the Better Quality Music Video for “Space Oddity” by David Bowie

“Space Oddity” is todate considered as one of the greatests songs to ever be recorded and performed. And it comes as little surprise that it originated in the mind of the one and only David Bowie.

The song, first released in 1969, gets a music video reboot on March 9, 2019, almost after 50 years since release. Releasing the new and better quality version of the original “Space Oddity” music video, a background to the song was also released;

“On 2 February 1969, David Bowie went in to Willesden’s Morgan Studios to cut a new song, ‘Space Oddity’, with colleague John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson (who sings the ‘ground control’ sections) for ‘Love You Till Tuesday’, a film that was being made by Bowie’s then manager, Kenneth Pitt.
Bowie subsequently demoed further versions of the song in an attempt to secure a record deal, which led ultimately to a contract with Mercury/Philips and the world-famous hit version recorded on 20 June 1969. The February recording finally became part of Decca when Pitt sold the rights to Love You Til Tuesday to PolyGram in 1984.”


The new video brings to life the iconic character-Major Tom. He is wearing a t-shirt with his name printed on it. And we get to take the journey through space with Major Tom and also through his struggles in the ‘tin can.’

Upon leaving his spaceship and stepping into the empty space, Major Tom sees two women. Makes us wonder if Major Tom did actually take a journey to space. This might favour the fan theory that Major Tom was infact high when he experienced this space journey in his mind.

This version of “Space Oddity” contains a flute section just before Major Tom learns that his spaceship is malfunctioning. However, just before this scene, we also see the two women undressing Major Tom–or at least removing his space helmet and his body suit!

In the final scene, Major Tom is in bed with these two women! What exactly did happen here? Leave a comment below.

Watch the brand new music video for “Space Oddity” by David Bowie below.

RIP, Starman!

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