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Loren Allred – Never Enough (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

‘The Greatest Showman’ soundtrack became one of the most reputable album works of 2018 along with the musical movie release in December 2017. The soundtrack produced two singles “This Is Me” by Keala Settle and “Rewrite The Stars” by Zac Effron and Zendaya. However, another notable track from the album is “Never Enough” performed by Loren Allred.

Loren Allred was a contestant on The Voice season 3 and was eliminated at the 13th place. However, her musical career spun off being part of the ensemble for the production of ‘The Greatest Showman’ musical. Loren Allred was cast as the musical voice of Rebecca Ferguson playing the role of Jenny Lind in the movie. Along with a vocal cast of Keala Settle, Zac Effron, Zendaya, Hugh Jackman, Austyn Johnson and more, ‘The Greatest Showman’ soundtrack went platinum and soared atop of Billboard 200 chart list for two weeks.

The song takes on the significant moments of the show business, which the movie is based around. However, we discover that these ‘spotlights’ shining on her is not enough. She is enjoying a lot of fame and fortune with her musical talents as one of the most famed singers in Europe, but the need never ends.

Rebecca Ferguson, despite her singing skills, has resorted to lip-syncing to the vocals of Loren Allred in the movie. In an interview, Rebecca Ferguson explained this decision: “If I would F-U-C-K that up, I would be quite embarrassed.”

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“Never Enough” Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

In the musical, “Never Enough” performance acts as the backdrop for Jenny Lind’s first performance in America. Also, the song sets the scene to demonstrate the budding relationship between Phillip Carlyle and Anne Wheeler.

The lyrics to the song describe the intense moments of both being in love and being on center-stage. Both experiences are exhilarating and could be pleasant moments to cherish in memory forever. The adrenalin rush, the limelight, the highest of fame, and the lowest concern of all other affairs of the world are some the feelings running through the mind. All these feelings are mutual for someone in love and the show business.

Thousands of spotlights being used on stage could not be enough to illuminate him. All the stars (actors and actresses) around him is not enough. Towers of gold piling up from success are not enough. He has the power to get anything and reach anywhere in the world. But still, none of this is enough. This is the underlying theme of ‘The Greatest Showman’ musical production as well.

The song heavily focuses on the need for more. More of fame, more money, and more of love. When one gets into this mindset, there is really no stopping them. Whatever achieved, ‘towers of gold’ even doesn’t satisfy. But the lyrics also entail that no amount of fame and fortune could satisfy him without that one special person beside him. Hence, the song acts as the perfect middle ground for the grandeur of the booming show business and love.

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Complete Lyrics for “Never Enough” by Loren Allred

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  1. I love you Loren, you’re brilliant, so talented. So glad you hit the Golden Buzzer.

  2. You set off a dream in me getting louder now can you hear it echoing? Take my hand will you share this with me cause darling without you all the shine of a thousand spotlights and the stars we steal from the night sky will never be enough never be enough towers of gold are still to little these hand could hold the world but it’ll never be enough never be enough for me never never never never never for me for me for me all shine of a thousand spotlights all the stars we steal from the night sky will never be enough never be enough for me never never and there’s more

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