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Summer Walker – Come Thru Ft. Usher (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The 23-year-old Georgia based singer and songwriter, Summer Marjani Walker, premiered her debut studio album ‘Over It’ on October 4, 2019. The album peaked at #2 in the US and #7 in the UK charts earning her a quick rep in the industry. “Come Thru” is the 5th track on the album.

‘Over It’ album produced three singles, namely “Playing Games,” “Stretch You Out” featuring Boogie with da Hoodie and “Come Thru” featuring Usher. The significance of the third single, and the subject of our review today, is that the song interpolates Usher’s 1997 track “You Make Me Wanna” from his album ‘My Way.’

At a glance “Come Thru” sounds like a love song, but on the second listen we realize that the song is about a breakup. Summer Walker is heard having strong urges to go back to the relationship she was in some time ago. Whatever the reasons that may have lead to their fall out, she keeps craving for the love they had once more.

The most difficult part about getting over a relationship is acting as if the good memories don’t haunt you over and over again. In the dead of the night, Summer Walker sits on her bed replaying all the fond memories she accumulated with him, and she is ready to make some sacrifices to make it happen again.

Usher, on the other hand, is not so sure-footed about getting into a relationship with her again. He urges the girl to dip all her ten toes into the relationship, if they are to re-try this again. This is a reference to when people dip one toe into the water to test the temperature of the water before getting in. Dipping in one toe is a sign of doubt and unsteadiness. Usher will not entertain any such games. Either she is all ten toes in or out.

Summer Walker is heard promising him that she will cut lose all of her affairs with other guys to give them one more shot. Usher is not convinced; “Ain’t what you used to, but you used to.”

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