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Ozzy Osbourne – Straight to Hell (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

‘The Godfather of Heavy Metal,’ Ozzy Osbourne is no ‘Ordinary Man’ as opposed to the album title of his upcoming 12th solo studio album. At the age of 70, Ozzy still screams with the same passion and power as he screams “Straight to Hell” in his latest single. Let us dive into the meaning behind this new release.

“Straight to Hell” is the second single off of Ozzy Osbourne’s 12th solo studio album and 21st album ‘Ordinary Man’ expected to be released in January 2020. The first taste of new music since 2010, came as “Under the Graveyard,” the first single off the new album.

Produced by watt and accompanied with a guitar piece by Slash, “Straight to Hell” speaks about the effects of being on drugs and they are not pretty. Listen to the audio below.

In the first verse of the song, Ozzy lays out some after-effects of being on drugs. “Flying higher than a kite” may sound like a happy and free journey, but it cannot fly forever. And the simplest mistake will send the kit flying away to the abyss. The person who takes the shot of drug for an escape. We all look for escapes from the tough realities of this world–drugs, booze, sex, music, religion and the list goes on.

Ozzy Osbourne has no regrets in calling this person on drugs a ‘deadbeat.’ According to UrbanDictionary, a ‘deadbeat’ is “a person over the age of 18 with no direction, no job, no ambition.” This is why Ozzy says this person’s death would not be a waste to the society and will be celebrated instead of mourned.

Assuming the role of the drug, Ozzy says that he will make the drug abuser ‘scream’ and ‘defecate’ on themselves. According to Answers.com, drug Cocaine has the tendency to make the abuser defecate himself due to being cut with laxatives.

In the chorus, Ozzy Osbourne screams that drugs are a definite ‘no-no’ for anyone. These Satanic substances will lead you ‘straight to hell.’

The second verse spells out more disturbing aftermaths of a person being on drugs. Lack of consciousness leading to poor judgement can lead to many bad things. A few examples are lying, cheating and even killing. The ‘final thrill’ is the death of the abuser, and until this last time comes, the abuser feels as if on cloud number nine. ‘Bitter seed’ that Ozzy plans inside the abuser is the addiction for drugs. As the seed turns into a plant and grows large and wide, the abuser slowly but surely kills himself. None of these are pretty sights to see.

In the bridge of the song, Ozzy says that once a person is lured into drug abuse, there is pretty much no turning back. He goes further into the darkness and the abyss until there is no recollection of who he used to be. Even before the person draws his last breath, he is dead to this world.

What are your thoughts on “Straight to Hell” by Ozzy Osbourne? Carrying a strong message on substance abuse? Let us know in the comments below.

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