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Show Yourself – Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood | Frozen 2 OST (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Show Yourself” is the sixth track on the official soundtrack of the 2019 Disney movie ‘Frozen 2.’ Returning from the 2013 instalment of the adventures of Elsa in ‘Frozen,’ its sequel brings more snow, more adventure and more music. Let us explore what this new song from the new soundtrack means.

‘Frozen’ (2013) produced some sensational musical hits such as “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel, “For the First Time in Forever” by Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell, and “Love Is An Open Door” by Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana. The new movie ‘Frozen 2’ (2019) also promises some amazing hits, featuring Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Panic! At The Disco, Kacey Musgraves and more.

The context for “Show Yourself” is based around Elsa looking for the mysterious voice near the River Full of Memory. Elsa talks to the voice (cast by Aurora) and asks her to reveal herself so that she could learn more about herself. Watch the video below with footage from Frozen 2 movie.

In the first verse of “Show Yourself,” Elsa talks about the mysterious feelings she has been having. Her trembling hands are not because of the cold weather; she senses something around her but not quite visible or even physical. But she feels that this mysterious figure would be the answer to many questions she has about herself.

In the pre-chorus, Elsa tries to ease the mind of this mysterious creature. She says that all her life she has been a misfit because of her powers. And somehow Elsa feels that this mysterious figure has had a similar fate.

In the chorus of the song, Elsa requests the mysterious voice to show herself. Elsa believes that this voice will be able to answer many questions she has about herself. She is even open to learning everything about herself and her powers, and asks for help from this voice.

The second verse by Idina Menzel (voice of Elsa) yet again pushes the mysterious voice to reveal about herself. Elsa says that he life has been abnormal due to her powers and she has been an outcast her whole life. At least is she could learn the purpose of her powers, she could make peace with it. But for this, the mysterious voice has to help her.

In the third verse by Evan Rachel Wood (voice of Iduna), she asks Elsa to come meet her at the river Full of Memory. Iduna calls this ‘homeward bound,’ which could mean that Elsa might be learning something deep and hidden about herself.

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2 thoughts on “Show Yourself – Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood | Frozen 2 OST (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

  1. I believe that the true meaning is that who Elsa has been looking for all of her life is herself and she needs to onlk look within herself to find herself and the meaning of her life.

  2. My mother died unexpectedly 3 years ago. I never grieved the loss but my daughter kept pushing me to see Frozen 2. This scene made me cry my face off in the theater and she never forgot it. When I became suicidal, she played it again after my breakdown and it was probably the Northern Star that saved my life.

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