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The 1975 – Me & You Together Song | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

The first truly romantic song of the year 2020 comes from The 1975 under the title “Me & You Together Song.” The song speaks about being in love with that special friend of yours for the longest time. Although the song sings of happy feelings, there does not seem to be a happy ending to this song. Let us explore the meaning behind this track.

The new song comes from The 1975’s upcoming fourth studio album ‘Notes On a Conditional Form.’ So far songs such as “Frail State of Mind” and “People” have released from the album. The rest of the tracklist is not yet confirmed.

Despite the unhappy ending, the beat and music of the track are quite uplifting and bouncy. The was premiered on BBC Radio 1 as a live performance by The 1975.

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Verse 1

In the first verse, lead singer Matt Healy sings of the beginning of his love for her. He cannot recall the exact time he met her because it has been quite a long time and there are many memories in between with her. Also, the first sure memory of her is when she was topless in his room. Matt narrates the awkward conversation that followed their random sexual encounter. He asks her out and she is unsure. They have known each other for so long and taking it to the next level would have been an unforeseen step for the girl. She respectfully dismisses the offer and he plays it off cool.


The very catchy chorus lets us know that things are not so “cool” as the singer showed it to be. He has been in love with her since and there is no way of converting this relationship to something more. His whole life, she is the one person he wanted and could not have.

Verse 2

Matt Healy expresses the feelings that he has been bottling up inside him. He envisioned a future with her–the kids, the dog and the white picket fence.

The latter part of the verse addresses the media concerns about his sexuality. Although he does not express his sexual orientation explicitly, he does say that he is okay with people thinking he is gay. Despite his unique appearance and behaviours, he still has no chance with this girl, because he is way too deep in the “friend-zone.”


Matt Healy is not ready to close the chapter just yet. He thinks it could use a few more pages–may be a lot more convincing her to date him and just maybe a happy ending that he dreamt about. We feel like he deserves this one.

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