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Royce da 5’9″ – Perspective Ft. Eminem | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Royce da 5’9″ sat down for an interview with Level magazine to discuss about his highly anticipated upcoming album titled ‘The Allegory.’ While the Detroit rapper states that the album is filled with his takes on racism on modern society, one particular track stands out. It is not even a song and not a skit, but a full-on conversation by Royce and his label-mate Eminem. This bit is called the “Perspective.”

Why does “Perspective” appear on Royce’s ‘The Allegory’ album? “Both Royce and Em agree that it takes something powerful and visceral, like sports or music, to bring folks together in a world that’s simultaneously more connected and divided than ever. And while they won’t be handing out Cokes and imploring the world to sing anytime soon, both men believe hip-hop can be a bridge to unite and not divide,” says Level.

How did “Perspective” came to be?

“How it came about was we were on the phone, talking about him growing up. A lot of people think he’s from the trailer park. He’s from Detroit; grew up in the hood around Black people. We talk all the time about how tough it was, him being White and into hip-hop, and Black people thinking he’s trying to act Black. They used to beat him up all the time, just jump him. He couldn’t understand why. It wasn’t until he met Proof and Proof took a liking to him [and] started vouching for him that he got accepted at the Hip-Hop Shop.”

“If it wasn’t for Marshall Mathers, I don’t think I would like Whites. And on the flip side, if it wasn’t for Proof, I don’t think he would’ve liked Black people.”

What does Eminem talk about in “Perspective”?

“When I sent the beat, he talked for 12 minutes. We edited it down,” says Royce. “I think the main point he was making is that hip-hop brings people together, and I 100% agree. I just don’t think we utilize it as much as we can. I don’t think it’s this big kumbaya party in hip-hop, where everybody’s there. Hip-hop can be that bridge.”

Royce da 5’9″‘s ‘The Allegory’ album releases on February 21, 2020. Stay tuned for more updates on this statement by Royce and Em.

The full interview can be found on Level.

Review of Eminem’s Skit on “Perspective”

“Nothing has brought more races and more people,
From all different walks of life together than hip-hop”

Eminem pens down a heartfelt note on racism that has engulfed this world from the early 60s until now. He tributes whatever peace and harmony accomplished among different races to music–to hip hop in specific.

Em also talks about a time when the music industry was dominated by Black people. He namedrops Chuck Berry and Rosetta Tharpe as examples. Then all of a sudden comes Elvis Presley and the people and media are not giving it a second thought to crown him the ‘king of rock n roll’ music. Em says that there were plenty of kings before, but due to their skin color, they were not crowned as such.

Em also says that the media had a massive role in worsening the racism issues that were already budding. On TV, on movies, in papers, in books and in billboards, everybody was white. So if you were an African American back then, you would definitely feel like an outcast of the society.

Eminem ends the skit with a powerful message; “We don’t get to choose our parents, we don’t get to choose what color we’re born / And then it’s what you do with it, right / To make a difference…”

Powerful and true stuff. Drop a comment below if you agree.

Check out the entire skit by Eminem on “Perspective” on Genius.

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