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Frank Ocean – Cayendo | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Frank Ocean mixes Spanish and English in his latest tease titled “Cayendo.” Although the song was teased way back in October 2019, the song was finally released in April 2020. The song released packed in a vinyl along with another single “Dear April.”

This emotional ballad by Frank Ocean talks about the aching feelings of being stuck in an one-sided love. We hear Frank saying that even if she doesn’t feel the same way about him, he will still love her. Despite whatever the heartache this person has caused him, Frank still cannot make up his mind to let them go.

Listen to “Cayendo” by Frank Ocean

What does “Cayendo” mean?

“Cayendo” is a present participle form of the Spanish verb “caer”, which means “to fall” or “fall down”. As the present participle refers to an ongoing action, “cayendo” means “falling” or “falling down”.

The chorus, sung in Spanish, roughly translates into English as below;

“He will not speak of me, nor will he speak of this
What he wants from you, I would not deny him
If this has not broken me ‘, I will never break
If I can bear what I feel, why am I falling?”

Maybe this person is in love with another. So Frank Ocean can really do nothing about this situation he is stuck in.

Most likely, we will all be able to relate to the context of this song at some part of our lives. Even if not, Frank Ocean’s emotions flowing through this track makes us miss a love that we did not even have.

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