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Chris Brown & Young Thug – Go Crazy | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

After Drake’s surprise mixtape ‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes’ released on May 1, 2020, Chris Brown and Young Thug drop their first-ever collaborative project ‘Slime & B’ mixtape on May 5, 2020. Yes, the album dropped on Chris Brown’s 31st birthday!!! Finally some good news on the music front in these grim times!

“Go Crazy” is one of the thirteen collaborative tracks on the album by Chris Brown and Young Thug. The project was first teased in early April 2020 and officially confirmed on April 28th.

The song tackles some familiar topics to both Chris Brown and Young Thug–sex and women!

Listen to “Go Crazy” by Chris Brown and Young Thug

On the first verse of the track, Chris Brown is heard smooching over a girl who seems to have been a one-night stand; “I haven’t heard from you in a minute, babe.” And he also offers to buy her Gucci and Prada products!

On the pre-chorus of the song, Chris Brown makes a high pitch of himself to this girl. He says that he can change her life, which is not entirely ficticious.

The hook of the song invites the girl to “go crazy” since no one is watching them when they are in their cribs making love. She must be an “angel in streets and freak in the sheets.”

The second verse on “Go Crazy” is primarily done by Young Thug. He flexes on his verse talking about his success overseas and his diamonds. He also gives a shoutout to the American football team Oakland Raiders.

Young Thug also goes on to talk about his sexual pleasure with this girl; “We can bum-bum ’til you’re tired.”

On the third verse, Chris Brown returns to tell us the sad reality of a celebrity’s dating life. There are many women who are after him just for his riches. But when they realize that he is only generous for his real woman, they leave him in the blink of an eye.

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