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ROSALÍA & Travis Scott – TKN | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Rosalia premiered her brand new single “TKN” with Travis Scott on May 28, 2020. This is the second time the two artists have collaborated after working on the remix of Travis’ “Highest in the Room” in December 2019.

The new song was accompanied by a bizarre music video showcasing some unnatural choreographs by a flock of children and Rosalia herself. Travis Scott also appears in the viedo, however, does not partake in the dance choreography. The video has already amassed over a million views on YouTube within a few hours of release.

However, the meaning of the song is far from any association with children.

Watch “TKN” Video by Rosalia and Travis Scott

In the song, Rosalia talks about gang affiliations and their codes of honor. At the jump of the song, we find such word ‘omertá,’ which originates from Southern Italy and stands for silence and code of honor that places importance on silence in the face of questioning by authorities or outsiders.

Rosalia sings that ‘trust’ is one of the most important things for her in her life. Because of this, she is very careful about letting anyone new come into her life. The chorus of the song is driven by this theme.

In the first verse, Rosalia makes some clever similes between shooting a movie and shooting a gun. She drops the name of the Argentine filmmaker Gaspar Noé in the midst as well.

The Spanish lyrics by Travis Scott pays respects to Rosalia calling her a ‘G’ referencing ‘gangster.’

In Travis’ English verse on “TKN,” he sings about this G woman taking care of him the best the ways possible. Her hips, her perfect hips, and an eagerness to match it all, Travis is blessed with this woman.

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