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DJ Khaled – GREECE Ft. Drake | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

DJ Khaled tapped in Drake for two collaborations released on July 17, 2020, from his upcoming twelfth studio album. The first track is titled “Greece,” on which Drake promises his girl all the luxuries in the world, including trips to Greece.

The second collaboration released along with “Greece,” is titled “POPSTAR,” and both tracks appear on DJ Khaled’s upcoming 2020 studio album ‘Khaled Khaled.’ This is his follow-up album to 2019’s album ‘Father of Asahd.’ The release date of the new album is yet to be confirmed.

Drake namedrops a few luxury brands and top tourist destinations as part of the Drake dating package. There is also the subtle hint that Drake made all his dollars and is able to afford pretty much anything he sets his mind to.

Listen to “GREECE” by DJ Khaled and Drake

One of the main points in the song is the line sung in French by Drake: “survoler Paris.” This line roughly translates to English as ‘fly over Paris.’ And Paris has long been considered the top romantic getaway destination. However, Drake has other plans. Greece is a gorgeous country with breathtaking hills and beaches alike. DJ Khaled and Drake are literally destroying norms and setting trends with this song.

The other French lyric on the song, “je suis ton génie,” translates to “I am your genie.” This hints that Drake can grant any of her wishes that money could buy.

However, on their way to Greece, Drake would not mind making a few stops along the way at some high-end fashion outlets such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Only the best of the best for his lover.

Drake also mentions that all of his is accessible for him because of his talents and efforts put into his music;

All because of what I did on beats, baby

Some of the other luxury brand names he mentions on the track are; Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, and Jeep.

Worked for everything you see, baby

So, keep working for it, everybody!

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