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Taylor Swift – Invisible String | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Invisible String” is the eleventh track on Taylor Swift’s 2020 album ‘Folklore.’ The song talks about the invisible link that keeps two people attached to each other in a relationship.

Taylor Swift announced her 8th studio album ‘Folklore‘ just a few hours ahead of the album release on July 24, 2020. The album had no singles prior to the album release, and Taylor stated the reason for the ‘surprise’ album release as the “uncertainty” surrounding the world right now.

The invisible string is not the perfect of matchmakers. But the good thing about a string is that it can be broken easily, and it is also the worst trait about a string. You have the option to run away from a bad match, but there is always a cost. In many Eastern cultures, there still exists a tradition of tying the bride’s and groom’s fingers with a white string during the wedding ceremony. It symbolizes the tie between the two persons for the rest of their lives.

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“invisible string” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

Taylor Swift runs down the memory lane on to a time where she was looking for love. She recalls sitting at the Centennial Park. At the same time, he was serving yoghurt at a shop. Two seemingly unrelated events. But is there destiny at work?


Time is an amazing concept. It brings people together. It breaks people apart and sometimes it heals them afterward. So time moved on and these two people lived about their lives, until the day, either Taylor goes to get yogurt or this guy comes for a walk at the park. It is bound to happen, only a matter of time…if it’s meant to happen!

Verse 2

In the second verse, Taylor talks about the time he/she moved to Los Angeles. She mentions her favorite restaurant in the city where he also had come to have dinner. Is this where they met?

The waitress telling Taylor that she “looked like an American singer” is reminding us how Taylor gets no privacy anywhere in public now.


Time has the ability to cut you and heal you at the same time. But the latter process requires your help too. Time alone cannot do it.


Upon meeting this guy, Taylor feels like it was meant to happen for a long time. It was as if they were being pulled towarsd each other all their lives, by a golden string nonetheless.

Meeting this person was like an immediate cleansing of Taylor’s past sins and mistakes. All the chains and barbed wires that were cutting her deep were covered in wool by this guy.

Verse 3

In these lyrics, Taylor says that she has proven all her ex-boyfriends wrong. The common idea was that she was the one running through boyfriends like changing clothes. But it doesn’t really matter as long as you run until you find your safe haven. Taylor’s relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn is running three years plus, which is enough of a message to all her exes.

Now I send their babies presents

The above line could be directed at Taylor’s ex Joe Jonas, who is expecting a baby with his wife Sophie Turner.

Taylor Swift says that it was a difficult journey that she endured to get to Joe Alwyn. But a hellish journey would be worth it if it leads you to heaven!

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