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Katy Perry – Champagne Problems | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Katy Perry brings you a brand new life goal in this new song. Become so rich that the problems you have are related to champagne! However, underneath the lyrics of “Champagne Problems,” Katy Perry does convey an important message on relationships.

“Champagne Problems” is the eighth track on Katy Perry’s sixth studio album ‘Smile’ released on August 28, 2020. Having birthed her new baby Daisy Dove Bloom on August 27, 2020, we can imagine Katy Perry penning these lyrics while she was pregnant, and thus the significance she placed on relationships is evident on this track.

On the song, Katy Perry admits to having many rough patches in her relationship with actor Orlando Bloom, but both of them fought hard to overcome them. And now, holding their baby in their hands, they must be thrilled that they put the effort into their relationship.

Watch “Champagne Problems” by Katy Perry

On the first and second verses of the track, Katy Perry confesses that she wants to spend the rest of her life with her partner. She would do anything to save their relationship and she knows that he would do the same. Life gets easier when there is this much of mutual understanding between two people.

Katy Perry also admits that their relationship has not been smooth sailing all this way, in fact, no relationship is. It is up to the two people to figure out if fighting to make it better or move on to the next one is the better option for them. However, there should never be “giving up” without a fight. How many times you fight until you give up is up to the couple.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are both very successful celebrities. So it is hard to imagine they ever had financial problems. However, ‘champagne problems’ insinuate that they had tough times. They worked on them, sometimes had to get dirty to rectify them, but they did it. Now their ‘problems’ are of no significance–none that can rock their cradle. Welcoming the newborn Daisy Dove Bloom would have further strengthened their bond.

Congratulations to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom on their relationship, newborn baby, and best of luck for their future.

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