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Piano-backed ballads are not the type of music to gain popularity on the micro-video network TikTok. However, thanks to a ‘duet challenge‘ created by the artist NIKI, her third single, titled “Lose,” became a sensation on TikTok, and subsequently on social media as well.

“Lose” is the third single off of NIKI’s debut studio album ‘MOONCHILD’ released on September 10, 2020. The single follows “Switchblade” and “Selene” as the first two singles off the album.

On Twitter, NIKI revealed that the song was recorded in one take. She also added;

What you hear now was exactly how it was first recorded. Everything was kept & unchanged: every breath, every imperfection, the push-and-pull rapport with the piano. The same way we all tend to keep holding on to what is familiar… out of comfort, out of fear, out of fierce allegiance – all whilst unknowingly easing into the poison.

And then, there is a tipping point. There is sudden clarity. There is an urgency to pivot. The rose lenses finally come off, and for the first time, you see in stark, undiluted colour.

This song is that moment.

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“Lose” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In this emotional ballad, NIKI sings about not being in love with the person whom she wishes to be with. In the first verse of the song, we realize that there never was any material love present between the two people. She never knew if he loved her as much as she did him, or even if at all. Bur NIKI is not about barge in on his life and enforce love between them because that never works. Instead, she tries to save the heartaches from escalating further and takes a step back: “But I don’t wanna break your heart, you keep yours I’ll keep mine.”

In the chorus of the song, an absolutely devastated and beaten singer draws her final breath on this relationship. She is giving up on any hopes and dreams of having something or even anything at all with him!

In the second verse of “Lose,” NIKI reveals that there was some toxicity present in whatever they had for a short time. There were double standards when it came to how each other should behave in their relationship, and according to her confession, it seems as if she was getting a lot of unfair treatments by him. NIKI always felt as if she was receiving no love from him, and the thought of having to fight for his love made her uneasy and disappointed.

So there is no better cause of action than to let him go, and for her to move on from this relationship. Nobody should have to ‘fight’ for love!

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