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salem ilese – Mad at Disney | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Who would ever be mad at the children’s movie making giant Disney Studios right? Well, we found one artist and through this track, we might give birth to a whole family of people being crossed with Disney. All for fun though, no real hate here! Let’s check out salem ilese’s “Mad at Disney” track.

“Mad at Disney” was released on July 24, 2020, however started gaining traction after being featured on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist. As of this article, the lyric video on YouTube has surpassed 750,000 views. Check out salem ilese on Instagram.

The song “Mad at Disney” tells the story of salem’s own experience of having high expectations of love as shown through Disney movies, especially ones revolving around pricesses. Life does not always work perfectly, and why not blame Disney for instilling unrealistic expectations!

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The song highlights how Disney movies have set some unrealistically high standards for love and ‘happily everafters.’ As children, we all enjoy a sweet love story with a happy ending. Sometimes, we believe them to be the reality and envision ourselves in those scripted scenarios. But when we grow up, we come to the bitter realization that life does not always hand you roses and white horses. Who are we to blame? Ourselves? But we did not do anything. How about we blame our own unrealistic expectations? Yes, why not! Easy enough.

In the first verse of the song, salem tells us that she is twenty-something years old and she is yet to meet her prince charming on a white horse and take her into the sunset for a happily ever after! In this age and time, this is very unlikely to happen. The singer, on route to becoming a popstar, the Disney dream could be very distant!

However, salem ilese also highlights an important point; “I still know nothing / About who I am or what I’m not.” Put aside the dream of riding into the sunset with your prince charming, she is yet to figure out who she is and what she wants.

In the pre-chorus, she lets us know that she is not buying into the ‘happily ever after’ story of Disney. Maybe that makes her a pessimist, but it also makes her a realist.

The chorus of “Mad at Disney” tells us that salem ilese has been in love before, and was hurt by its flames. No ‘prince charming’ would hurt their princess. So what did she experience? Was it not love to begin with? What is love? There are so many questions unanswered in her head.

The second verse of the song takes an unexpected turn. The song time travels from the Disney era to modern society. The latter part of the verse seems to narrate a story of rape. The “snow white horse” in these lyrics seem to reference the drug cocaine. The singer says the ‘prince’ took his ‘sleeping beauty’ to a motel and ‘took’ her there. This gives us a sudden realization of what modern society is compared to the era of Disney prince’s and princesses. There is nothing similar in the two eras! So expecting Disney lore to happen in the modern world is beyond any power that a shooting star could grant!

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        1. And you need to learn a simple word “h u n”. It’s spelled D-I-L-L-I-G-A-F! And it means…
          DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A F*CK?!
          People will comment what they want, as it is their opinion they are submitting. Now, turn that frown upside down and try appreciating other’s opinions. Remember, the world is a brilliant place if that is what we choose to make it 🙂

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