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Joji – Ew | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Ew” is the opening track of Joji’s second studio album ‘Nectar.’ The song talks about Joji’s past relationships and all his emotions summed into one word.

Joji released his second studio album ‘Nectar’ on September 25, 2020. The album got postponed from its original release date of July 2020 due to Covid-19. This is his return to music after the 2018 album ‘BALLADS 1.’

The title of the song, “Ew,” is speculated to be the pronunciation of the word “Yeu,” a Vietnamese word for love. Or it could simply be his disgust towards love and his past relationships.

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“Ew” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review


In the only verse of the song, Joji talks about his experiences with love. When love seems perfect, it changes a person’s whole perspective of the world. Joji words this as being able to believe in anything. But when things start spiraling down, the entire aura changes around them.

Joji seems to be in constant fear of the ‘end’ of the relationship rolling in. This tells us what his experience with love has been so far. These experiences have him questioning what love even is!

Joji has so many questions when it comes to love and relationships, but just like for all of us, those answers are blowin’ in the wind.


In the hook of the song, Joji is heard wishing he knew how to love and how to let go. Granted, the latter will be quite difficult to do, each and every time. And the more relationships you go through, the more you begin to question your self-worth. One’s self of being appreciated, being enough for the other person, being needed, and being loved, are all on the line. It cannot be a nice feeling.

Joji laments at the end thinking about being all alone for the rest of his life. The lava seen in the lyric video above sums up the pain inside the singer narrating his experiences on love.

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