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The Kid LAROI – SO DONE | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

The Kid LAROI speaks about his usual topics of love, heartbreak, and defeat on “So Done” track from his 2020 album. The two-and-half-minute track perfectly sums up the thought process of someone getting extremely fed up with being kicked down in a relationship.

The Kid LAROI released “So Done” on the deluxe edition ‘F*CK LOVE (Savage)’ of his debut mixtape in July 2020. The song was released on October 23, 2020, along with a Cole Bennett-directed music video.

Despite the contents of the song, The Kid LAROI is in a happy relationship with the Tik Tok star Katarina Deme. The Kid even posted a cheeky caption “I know I said f**k love but… @katarina.deme 🥺💕💍” in a picture of the two of them.

Watch “So Done” Video by The Kid LAROI

In the intro to the song, The Kid LAROI reflects on the relationship he just got kicked out of. In hindsight, he sees that the relationship was doomed from the start. He does say that “everything that I did was wrong.” But this could be what his partner imprinted in his mind when they were in a relationship, putting all the blame on him. So, now The Kid is questioning himself if he is ready for love at all, and if he would ever be ready!

In the chorus of the song, The Kid LAROI screams that he is so done with relationships. He is tired of getting kicked around and being treated like dirt. In the music video, we see that his ex-girlfriend making out with another guy right in front of him, just after breaking up with him. Ouch!

The Kid LAROI says he is going to take some time to himself to figure things out. Is he really to blame for the disastrous relationships he had? Or does he have a habit of falling for the wrong girls?

In the only verse of “So Done,” The Kid LAROI comes to some sense about the reality of his relationship. He sees some clouds clear out and realizes that not everything was his fault. He now realizes that he was on the receiving end of a very toxic relationship in which he was made to feel like the ‘bad guy’ for everything.

But at least, he is taking some time to himself for some self reflection. And this always helps.

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