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Conan Gray – Astronomy | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Astronomy” is the second single off of Conan Gray’s 2021 studio album. While releasing the song, Conan Gray added that this song “is a very precious and fragile piece of my soul.”

“Astronomy” follows the lead single “Overdrive” by Conan Gray from his second studio album expected to be titled ‘Worlds Apart.’ This is Conan’s follow-up project to his 2020 debut album ‘Kid Row.’

In an interview with Coup de Main magazine, Conan Gray explained the meaning behind the song; “‘Astronomy’ is about that slow, painful, often denial inducing process of growing apart from somebody. That moment when all of a sudden you look at that person you’ve loved for years and realise you no longer know them. That you two exist on two different worlds now. I find the worst heartbreaks happen slowly. No blowout fight and slamming doors and showing up on doorsteps while it’s raining. Just a gradual decaying of love with nothing left to do to stop it from slipping away. There’s no explanation, nobody to blame. That hurts the most.”

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“Astronomy” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Conan Gray draws a beautiful picture of the two of them and about the similarities and differences between them. The couple lives in a rich neighborhood which becomes a frequent subject of ridicule between the two of them. They probably connected over the distraught family situations both of them have– “runaway fathers and mothers who drank.” It was a perfect storm that brought them together, but now it’s time for them to move on.


The catchy chorus draws examples from the universe above us to explain the differences between the two of them. They know they fell in love with each other against astronomical odds. They have explored the skies and the stars above them on clear-sky nights. But they know none of this brought them closer. The space between them is explained as ‘astronomical.’ Whenever something is described as astronomical, it speaks of unfathomable numbers–in this case eons of empty space between them.

It’s astronomy, we’re two worlds apart

Verse 2

In the second verse, Conan Gray sings how they fell apart while they were apart from each other. He builds on the idea that “if you love someone, let them go, and if it was meant to happen, they will return to you.” And they did put some space between them and it only grew. Now, he doesn’t even recognize the other person anymore.


Cona Gray shuts down any hopes of this relationship ever coming back to life. He says there is no point in counting stars for a reunion that ends in a happily ever after. The stars were dead for quite some time and honestly, both of them could see it as clear as day. He sings that dead stars don’t align to make fate happen, and even if they did randomly, they point at no possible future for them.

As Conan Gray explained in the interview, this song is about the grueling death of a relationship. The final moments when it tries to stay alive that only hurt the people involved more.

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