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Madison Beer – Reckless | Lyrics & Meaning Explained

Madison Beer ushered in a new era of her musical career with a brand new single “Reckless” off of her upcoming second studio album. The brand new single talks about a ruined relationship she was in.

“Reckless” is the first single off of Madison Beer’s second studio album yet to be titled. Surprisingly, the new single and the announcement comes only after three months from her debut album ‘Life Support’ released on February 26, 2021.

On Twitter, Madison Beer explained the inspiration behind the song; “i made reckless in october of 2020 after finding out my intuition is literally always right and if someone tells you not to worry about someone else but your heart tells you you should…… run.”

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“Reckless” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Madison Beer holds no emotions saying that this is a story that she hates to be talking about. She knows it breaks her every time to reminisce this tale. But she is baring her soul for the world. Maybe, opening up about this could be the first step in the healing process.

“Reckless” tells a story as old as time. She falls for a guy. He tells her that he loves her and that he would never love anyone else. But the opposite happens. The girl is broken into a million pieces.

The saddest part is that her friends could see right through him. But she believes him and defends him. In the end, she not only ends up heartbroken, but she looks the fool too.

Love is blind, and one should triple-check before jumping into a commitment. It saves a lot of heartaches. But, of course, life is not so cut and dry. It doesn’t always appear black and white. Sometimes, you just have to take a leap of faith, and end up hitting the ground flat on your face!

At least, it will make you stronger.

Madison Beer sings of how another girl came into their lives and he moved on with her. Madison was curious about her, but he shrugged her off saying “not to worry.” In hindsight, she knows she should have worried.

Madison Beer has nothing but well-wishes for the new couple;

And she must be perfect, oh well
I hope you both go to hell

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