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Camila Cabello – Don’t Go Yet | Stream, Lyrics & Meaning

“Don’t Go Yet” paves the way to a brand new musical era by Camila Cabello. The first single marks the dawn of her 2021 album titled ‘Familia.’ In this track, Camila Cabello playingly invites her lover to stay the night because she was ready for some mischief.

“Don’t Go Yet” is the first single off of Camila Cabello’s third studio album ‘Familia.’ ‘Family’ has been an important concept in recent years for both Camila and the whole world. While Camila seemingly found her prince charming in Shawn Mendes, the whole world has been locked in with their families for the entirety of 2020 and the most part of 2021. However, this song is about having a good time with your loved ones.

Releasing the brand new single and music video, Camila Cabello explained the inspiration behind the song; “DontGoYet is the first song from my next album, Familia. This album was inspired by two things: family & food. Your family by blood, but also your chosen family. Who you want to sit at the dinner table, get wine-drunk, & dance in the living room with.”

The song lyrics are an infusion of English and Spanish and the music takes a nod at Mexican style. The music video for “Don’t Go Yet” features a massive family dinner followed by a dance party. However, this is no ordinary family as everyone looks so different from one another. Sometimes, families can be like that.

Watch “Don’t Go Yet” Music Video by Camila Cabello

“Don’t Go Yet” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

While the music video makes it universal, the lyrics of the song are exclusively directed at Camila’s lover. The singer hints that he has become part of her family at this point.

Camila Cabello sings about the anticipation she had built up until this day that she gets to be with her lover. She replayed it in her head countless times trying to imagine how it is going to be. Is it going to be magical or is she just building up herself for disappointment. Either way, she has it all planned out. The perfect night for them!

However, disaster strikes, as usual. He has a flight to catch?

Camila Cabello tries to explain everything she had in store for the night. She wore a sultry satin dress and she practised her sexiest dance moves to seduce the guy.

We’d find a corner, then your hands in my hair

Only if her plans go as planned. Now, she has to resort to practically begging him not to leave so soon. In the music video, we see Camila Cabello holding on to a leg of a gentleman as he walks away.

Regardless of the tragedy unfolding, the song is very upbeat and cheerful.

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