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Drake – 7AM On the Bridle Path | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“7Am On the Bridle Path” is the fourteenth track on Drake’s 2021 album ‘Certified Lover Boy.’ The one verse on the track talks about Drake’s life, his position in the game, and all the competition and hate that comes along with his position.

‘Certified Lover Boy’ is the highly-anticipated sixth studio album by Drake, released on September 3, 2021. Drake talked about the album in July; “we aim for that head. We don’t aim to please. Certified Lover Boy on the way. And that’s for anyone in the way.” This is his follow-up project to his 2018 album ‘Scorpion.’

The title of the song, “7Am On the Bridle Path,” refers to the street Bridle Path, Toronto, where Drake’s house is located. Kanye West infamously released Drake’s address after feuding with Drake supposedly on conflicting album release dates.

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Drake “7AM On the Bridle Path” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Drake starts off the only verse of the song saying that he wishes people spoke more openly with him instead of beefing behind closed doors.

Could at least keep it a buck like Antetokounmpo

‘Keeping it a buck’ is slang for keeping it real or speaking one’s mind. Giannis Antetokounmpo is a Greek professional basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA.

You tell ’em I run the country, they’ll say “True though”

This line is a reference to Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister at the time of the album release. The Prime minister of Canada runs the country. Drake says he is the only one to rule the music game from Canada.

See the watch collection and assume I got time

While the bar in these lines is apparent, fans seem to question if this is a jab at Drake’s former friend Kanye West. Ye is said to have gifted Drake a green color custom Patek Philippe wristwatch for his birthday. Following the re-ignition of their feud in 2021, Ye released a cryptic message in a group chat that read “Where my green watch.” Drake might be addressing this by saying that just because he has so many wristwatches does not mean that he has time for everyone.

Drake says that he has never lied in a song–a new one or an old one. He has been keeping it a buck all his life and he wants his enemies to do the same. It is the enemies who appear in friendly disguises that take us down the most.

Drake adds that his work ethic has paved the way for all his success. He did not have to wish for what he wanted like how you do when blowing out birthday candles after making a wish; “And my wishes come true without blowin’ eyelashes.”

You over there in denial, we not neck and neck
It’s been a lot of years since we seen you comin’ correct

These lyrics could be a jab at Kanye West. The duo has not been on good terms for a few years now. The beef was renewed in 2021 allegedly on disagreements on the release dates of Kanye’s ‘DONDA’ album and Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy.’

For his competitors, Drake says they aren’t even close to his level. He mocks them saying that their music is only hot with little kids.

I could give a f*ck about who designing your sneakers and tees

These lyrics could be a jab at Kanye West as well. Ye famously owns the Yeezy sneakers brand, which has escalated his net worth into the billions now.

Give that address to your driver, make it your destination
‘Stead of just a post out of desperation

These lyrics are most likely a jab at Kanye West, who posted/leaked Drake’s address on his Instagram after the revamped beef in August 2021.

Towards the latter part of the verse, Drake flexes on his achievements thus far in the industry. It has been wins after wins for this so far and he calls it a ‘golden age’ of music. He calls himself the greatest and at the same time, he is bewildered by how he made it here.

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