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Taylor Swift – Run Ft. Ed Sheeran | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“Run” is the twenty-eighth track on Taylor Swift’s re-recorded ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ album released in 2021. The song features vocals by Ed Sheeran, Taylor’s long-term friend, and collaborating partner. The song speaks about two lovers escaping from everything and chasing their own nirvana.

“Run” is a brand new addition to the ‘Red’ album and a welcome one. The song was written as far back as 2012 when Taylor was working on the original ‘Red’ album. The duo’s other collaboration, “Everything Has Changed,” did make it to the original ‘Red’ album.

In an interview with Capital FM, Ed Sheeran spoke about the recording process of the song; ” We wrote “Run” and then we wrote “Everything Has Changed” maybe, like, a week later? And I remember always thinking, “Well, ‘Run’ is the one that’s gonna make the album.” “Run” was always, like, my favorite one, but “Everything Has Changed” just ended up sounding better, ‘cause I think we produced them differently or whatever, so “Everything Has Changed” had made the album. “Run” has just been there for years and years, and I’ve never really wanted to nudge Taylor about it, because it’s, you know, it’s her song and her thing. But I’ve always been secretly hoping that one day she’d be like, “Hey, this song was cool.” And so, yeah, we recorded that and it’s great, it’s really great. And I’m so happy it’s seeing the light of day.”

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Taylor Swift “Run” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The entire song is dedicated to those feelings of escaping from everyone when the whole world seems to stand in your way. These feelings are especially stronger when it comes to love. We have seen and heard countless stories of lovers leaving behind everything to find that one true connection with the person who they love the most.

Darling, let’s run
Run from it all
We can go where our eyes can take us
Go where no one else is, run

Most of us have experienced relationships where we believe that we understand the other person more than anyone else in the world. This is often true as we are the closest to them. There is little chance that our friends see the relationship in the same light as we do. But sometimes, love can be blinding, too. But, also, we can never know until we take the leap. After all, Taylor Swift herself sang that nothing good starts in a getaway car.

Say you’ll never let ’em tear us apart
And I’ll hold onto you while we run

Sometimes, love is a battle. Not within, but with the world. Sometimes, the lovers win. Other times, they escape. It is not taking a step back if you get to spend the rest of your life with your one true love. It’s a step in the right direction.

“Run” is a sweet song about being hopelessly in love with the person who ignites your soul. It is a beautiful thing when each other values their relationship over everything else and is ready to run to save their spirit.

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