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DJ Khaled – No Brainer Ft. Justin Bieber | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“No Brainer” is a single from DJ Khaled’s 2019 album ‘Father of Asahd.’ The song features vocals by Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Quavo, marking their second collaboration following “I’m the One” from 2017. The song speaks about falling in love with a person in one glance because it just seems right.

“No Brainer” was a major success for the album, reaching #5 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart, #3 in the UK Singles Chart, and breaking top 10 in a handful of other countries around the world. The single also sold over 3 million copies around the world, with streaming stats well beyond half a billion. This was expected; given the bumpy beat, catchy lyrics, and the all-star cast, and the music video.

The term ‘no brainer’ is used to describe situations that are obvious. It does not take any brainpower to contemplate scenarios or options. In this song, the singer finds a girl at a party and he is instantly hooked. It is only obvious that they should be together — or at least give it a try.

Listen to “No Brainer” by DJ Khaled Ft. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, & Quavo

DJ Khaled “No Brainer” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the chorus of the song, Justin Bieber delivers some suave lyrics about why they should be together. He sees this girl in a crowded room and she is not easy to miss. She sticks out from everyone else in the room. She shines like a star and Justin Bieber has been a star, for what it feels like, forever. So, it’s just obvious that they should link up and see where things could go.

For Justin Bieber, it is a no-brainer choice that he is into her. For her, it is also a no-brainer that she should leave whoever she is talking to right now, and fan the flames between her and JB.

Him or me, be for real, baby, it’s a no-brainer

In the first verse by Quavo, he kicks off the verse by reminding what his mother told him growing up: don’t talk to strangers. But logic flies out the window when your heart starts racing and her eyes stare into yours. He promises to blow her brains out, which is usually a sexual reference to some high-octane sex. But he quickly recovers by saying that he is not talking about anything physical, but rather mental. He is referring to the personal connection they would have.

In the second verse by Chance the Rapper, he starts off by saying that he has nothing to flaunt. He might not look like the average rapper, showing off all his diamonds and gold and cars. But he still has plenty of star qualities in him.

And I keep it Ben Franklin, I’m not gon’ change

While Chance the Rapper says that he is going to be honest with her all the time, he also adds a bit of flex to his profile. Benjamin Franklin appears on the face of the US $100 bill. ‘Change’ also refers to smaller denominations of currency. Chance flexes that he deals in 100 dollar bills and nothing less.

Chance the Rapper has his music going on for him so he does not need to flaunt any bling to attract the ladies. She loves that Chance the Rapper makes heavenly music (both literally (gospel music) and figuratively). So, he knows that he will see her later tonight.

Justin Bieber returns for the third and final verse of the song. He finishes what he started from the chorus; swooning the girl by making her the center of his universe.

Look like somebody designed you
Drop-dead gorgeous, you make me wanna live it up

This girl has all the singers dropping gorgeous verses for her, admiring her beauty, and hoping for a much deeper connection as well. These are the kind of relationships that kick off with fireworks.

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