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Khalid – Last Call | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Khalid does not fail to deliver a song that you can put on blast while you drive down a lonely highway road with the wind cruising through your hair. On his brand new song “Last Call,” Khalid takes a trip through the memory lane to where he began and where he is now.

Releasing the new single, Khalid went on social media to reveal the next chapter in his career; “Here it is! The first few steps of another chapter for myself. Thank you guys for all of the love & support through my journey as an adult. This is my gift to you.”

“Last Call” was released on March 3, 2022, on the fifth anniversary of Khalid’s debut studio album ‘American Teen’ released on the same day in 2017. This album helped Khalid break out into mainstream success and he has not stepped down ever since. The album included major radio hits such as “Young, Dumb & Broke” and “Location.”

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Khalid “Last Call” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse of the song, Khalid comes to the realization that 2017 has been five years away. It has been five years since his fans have given him the golden stamp of approval which is yet to fade away. 2017 is when Khalid released his debut studio album ‘American Teen.’ The album peaked at #4 on Billboard 200 Chart and sold over 1 million units within the same year. It was the breakthrough Khalid was dreaming for.

But it’s not 2017 anymore. Artists evolve and their fans do, too. However, everything Khalid puts out even today seems to be well-received by his fanbase. He knows he gives his all to his fans even today, and the fans seem to appreciate it.

I’ll give you the finer things
Suddenly there’s nothing worth comparin’ to your soul

These lyrics could be Khalid’s view of the music industry. Sure, the albums’ successes have allowed Khalid to afford the finer things in life. However, the lore is that the music industry is something that drains out the souls of artists. Most artists have come out comparing record deals to deals with the devil. Khalid, however, seems to have had a rather good balance between fame and his private life.

In between a quick romance, somethin’ that’ll last long

Khalid is comparing his career to that of a romance. Quick romances are flings that usually don’t mean much — temporary pleasures. Khalid may have not expected this longevity of his music when he got into the industry. However, some of his songs have lived through the times quite well. This analogy could also be about his relationship with the fans. While most artists come and go, Khalid has been able to maintain a long-term relationship with his’.

In the second verse of the song, Khalid wonders if he s holding up his end of the deal in this relationship. His end of the deal is to produce music that moves his fans. How long can he keep this up? So far, things have been good. Khalid has been delivering on his promises and fans have been cherishing his work. Will they ever part their ways? Only time will tell.

You show me purpose and give me presence that I’ve never met

Khalid is thankful for his fans. They give him a sense of purpose for what he is doing. It pleasures him to know that there are people whose lives will be a little bit better after listening to his music. So, it has been a win-win deal for him and the fans so far. And likely this relationship will last for a lifetime.

Is this Khalid’s last call? Likely not! It better be not!

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