How Music Strengthens Friendship

How Music Strengthens Friendship

We all know that music is a great way to bond with others. Singing, dancing, and playing music are all ways to make and strengthen friendships and alleviate any feelings of loneliness. But why does music have such a strong and beneficial effect on our relationships? Read on to learn more about the power of music on friendship

Music Is A Shared Interest

Friendships are made through common interests, and music, in essence, is a hobby. Whether it be singing, dancing, or creating music, the truth is that you are bonding with others through your passion and love for this particular hobby. 

Love for a particular genre of music gives you and others a sense of commonality. It brings you together with the same goal: to enjoy the music. Music allows you to have fun with these people and view them as part of your tribe. 

Music Helps You Feel Good

Music activates the pleasure center of the brain. It brings people joy, and people are much more fun, accepting, and social when they feel good. Friendships are strengthened through fun and good times, and it’s hard to have a bad time when good music is playing. 

Furthermore, music has been known to release good feeling chemicals such as dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin. They not only help us feel great and confident but also improve our sense of empathy, generosity, and improve our ability to recognize faces. All of these are essential for starting and strengthening relationships. 

Music Allows You To Express Yourself

Creating and dancing to music allows us to express our true selves. We all have a unique taste in music and a unique way of expressing our inner music. Music allows us to be our true authentic selves in a world that pressures us to conform. 

True friendships cannot be attained without being ourselves. When you express yourself through song and dance, you open yourself up to be vulnerable. Expressing yourself in this way shows people just how awesome, creative, and fun you truly are. Those who respond positively want to be a part of your awesomeness. It’s hard to resist being friends with people who clearly see what an amazing person you are. 

Music Allows For Synchronization

One of the most powerful ways that music connects us is through the act of synchronization. Synchronization is essential for human connection, no matter what the activity is. Synchronization is when you subconsciously mirror the actions of another. When you see someone you like doing something, your mirror neurons fire off, and you begin to mimic their actions. This not only shows your interest in them but it makes it harder for you to recognize the differences between you and the other person. Therefore, you start to see the other person as the same as you. This is essential for the start of any connection. 

A common example of this occurrence is when someone is sexually attracted to you. To establish a connection, they will subconsciously mimic your body language. However, this happens when dancing or listening to music as well. In order to establish a friendship or relationship, the person will dance similarly to you or show the same level of enjoyment for a particular song. They mimic you because they want to be like you and create a strong bond with you. 

Final Thoughts

Music has been bringing people together for as long as humanity has existed. There is a reason why ancient ceremonies were filled with music and why it is so integral to our lives and society as a whole. Music creates a common bond amongst people that, once established, is hard to break. So if you are looking to make connections or strengthen the friendships you already have, then make sure to enjoy some music with the people you care about.

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