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Florence + The Machine – My Love | Lyrics Meaning Explained

Florence + The Machine has been pumping out new music in preparation for their brand new album ‘Dance Fever’ to be released in May 2022. The new single, titled “My Love” speaks about the one true love in Florence’s life — music and songwriting.

“My Love” was released as the third single off the album just days after the second single “Heaven Is Here” was released. This followed up on the lead single from the album “King” released just two weeks prior. Florence + The Machine announced the album ‘Dance Fever’ to be released on May 13, 2022.

“My Love” talks about Florence’s love for the craft. She is a songwriter and singer of immense talent. However, the Covid pandemic put a dent in all our passions and interests. Florence Welch might be talking about her inability to get the creative juices flowing while in lockdowns. Originally, “My Love” was intended to be produced as an acoustic track that accompanied the emotions of a “sad little poem.” However, the song was transformed into a rather energetic anthem, later on, to match with the mood of the album.

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Florence + The Machine “My Love” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

According to a press release of the song, it was intended to capture the writer’s block Florence Welch encountered while she was working on the ‘Dance Fever’ project in early 2020.

I was always able to write my way out

Throughout Florence’s career and life, she has always been able to rely on her music to save her. Her songwriting and recording were her escapes from the world. When the Covid-19 lockdowns happened, she could no longer escape into this world. She was both mentally and physically in lockdown.

Now I find out that when I look down
Every page is empty
There is nothing to describe

These lines describe the experience of a writer’s block that Florence Welch went through while working on this album. Songwriting usually stems from some sort of inspiration. Being in house arrest is the worst form of inspiration. Nothing happens in your life save for the same mundane routine day in and out. This monotony hinders the creative process of anyone.

When Florence Welch sat down to create her next song, she had nothing. She could not think of any source of inspiration to begin writing. For a songwriter, this is possibly one of the worst fears of their lives.

Florence Welch was smart in handling this situation. She drew inspiration from her inability to come up with inspiration. She wrote about her writer’s block.

So tell me where to put my love
Do I wait for time to do what it does?

In the hook of the song, Florence Welch questions herself what is she to do with her life if she cannot write songs anymore. This is the one thing that she loved more than herself. And it is dangerous to have taken away something you love so dearly. Does she find a new hobby? Or does she just wait and pray for a day when she is able to put pen to paper again?

And when it came, it was stranger than I had ever imagined

In the first verse, Florence prayed for the Spring — the season that starts anew. Metaphorically, this is about her ability to break the writer’s block. Spring did arrive in the end and she did break these shackles — during the pandemic itself. It was a serene feeling, a sigh of relief that she had not lost the one thing she loved the most.

The second verse could also be a reference to the feeling of doomsday at the height of the pandemic. People were dying on the streets, at work, in their own homes, and in hospitals. It wasn’t like the doomsday she had envisioned. The Earth did not split open and spew out hellfire, nor did massive floods drown cities. No one ascended into Heaven. Instead, the streets were empty, calm, and quiet. We couldn’t hear any screams as people were unable to breathe when the virus attacked their lungs. It was silence all over the world. A deafening silence.

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