madonna sickick Frozen (Fireboy DML Remix)

Madonna vs Sickick – Frozen (Fireboy DML Remix) | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Madonna might not be very active in her musical career these days, but when she does get active, the world stops still. This is what happened when the Pop queen released a brand new music video for her iconic track “Frozen” remixed by Sickick and featured Fireboy DML on it as well. We cannot say that we did not see this coming.

The original “Frozen” song was released as the lead single from Madonna’s seventh studio album ‘Ray of Light” on February 23, 1998. The song was a major success both critically and commercially. The song peaked at #2 on Billboard Hot 100 and debuted on top of the UK Singles Chart, the first song to do so for Madonna.

Exactly a year ago, on March 30, 2021, producer Sickick released a remix of Madonna’s 1998 track “Frozen” on TikTok captioning “always wanted to do this one!! 😷🔥.” It did not take long for this fresh new spin to gain traction and to gather over 128,000 videos made by fans with this music on TikTok. Subsequently, in December 2021, Madonna officially released the “Frozen (Sickick)” remix version. This gained over 50 million streams.

Following this success, Madonna linked up with the Nigerian singer and songwriter Fireboy DML for a second remix of the song. This release was accompanied by its own music video with flashy light strokes, a 30-year-old looking Madonna, and Fireboy DML.

Watch “Frozen (Fireboy DML Remix) by Madonna vs Sickick

Madonna “Frozen” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Madonna talked about the emotions captured in her original version in an interview; “Retaliation, revenge, hate, regret, that’s what I deal with in ‘Frozen.’ ‘Everyone’s going to say, ‘That’s a song about someone’ but it’s not really; it’s just about people in general.”

The remix version is a much more stripped-down version of the original with a new verse by Fireboy DML. However, the remix stays true to the original theme.

How can life be what you want it to be?
You’re frozen
When your heart’s not open

Madonna starts off with these famous lines from her original track. These lyrics speak of a frozen heart that does not melt for anything. It never bends to anyone and relationships get difficult.

A frozen heart symbolizes someone lacking emotions, empathy, and love. One can develop a frozen heart for various reasons. He might have been hurt before and he has his guard up to protect himself. It could also be that he has no emotional attachment towards the current relationship. Whichever it is, it does not support a healthy relationship.

Fireboy DML speaks from the guy’s POV. He sheds light on the situation from his side of the relationship.

Go on my knees and I pray to the Lord
After all, you have taken it all

He talks about wahala getting in between their love. ‘Wahala’ is a Nigerian word for ‘trouble.’ It looks as if both of them slipped away from the fire that keeps them warm in a relationship. It might not have been something drastic that put out the fire. It might be a result of many micro-actions that eventually led to him growing a cold heart. When the fire dies down, hearts get cold.

Fireboy also says that she wasted his time for the longest time. He waited and waited for her to make a move that suggests that they have a future together. But she did not. He grew tired of waiting and now he cannot care less.

All-in-all, this song speaks of a relationship gone south due to a lack of communication and commitment between either of them. Now, both of them have their guards up, never to let anyone else climb the walls.

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