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Coi Leray – Blick Blick! Ft. Nicki Minaj | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Rapper Coi Leray has the hottest music video for the week right now. She did with a casual collaboration with the queen herself, Nicki Minaj. Together, they released the brand new track “Blick Blick!” along with a fire music video. And this is their first collaboration together.

Coi Leray had the blessings of her father, Benzino for this release. A day before the song’s debut, Benzino went on to Tweet about letting go of his decades-old feud with Eminem stating that it is not good for the culture and especially not good for her daughter’s career. Benzino and Eminem had one of the most flaring and longstanding beefs in the rap game.

Nicki Minaj called her verse on “Blick Blick!” the ‘verse of the year’ on Twitter; “And no you won’t be able to learn the verse right away so don’t try. Breath control. Breathe. Meditate. Diction exercises. Do that for the next 4 days. Then maybe. 🤷🏽‍♀️ but I can’t make any promithis promithis promithis #BlickBlick 3.18.22.”

Watch “Blick Blick!” Music Video by Coi Leray & Nicki Minaj

Coi Leray “Blick Blick!” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the song, both Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj explore their prowess in the game, sexual tendencies, and winning big over their opponents. ‘Blick’ refers to a handgun and Coi Leray and Nicki are ready to pop their competition.

Coi Leray’s verse goes back and forth about her fame and her sexual exploits. Both these traits go hand-in-hand.

All these diamonds different color, color, color
Bust it open, first you gotta kiss it, baby

Nicki Minaj definitely has a stronger verse on the song with her cadence and bars.

All these PR stunts
But b*tch, you ain’t Puertorriqueña (‘Queña)

Nicki Minaj talks to her competition who seems to do anything for some clout. Nicki has long been considered the queen of hip-hop and the competition has been heating up lately. ‘PR’ stands for public relations or acts done to generate publicity. ‘Puertorriqueña’ refers to someone from Puerto Rico. By this, Nicki claims that these colored-skin girls don’t really have any connection to their original roots even though they use it for their advantage.

Every n*gga tryna pop ain’t the next Woo (Oop)
Don’t run up in my DM, R.I.P. to X too (X too, ooh)

In these lyrics, Nicki pays homage to some of the hip-hop icons who left us in recent years. ‘Woo’ is a signature call for late rapper Pop Smoke. ‘DM’ refers to DMX is a legendary hip-hop icon who passed away in April 2021. The lonely ‘X’ ties in the DMX name as well as bring in another late rapper, XX(X)Tentacion, who passed away in June 2018.

You-you-you know you bad when you can pose from any angle

While this line sounds like posing for photographs, it is actually about showing faces in different situations for their own benefit. Someone with values and principles should not be able to fit in with different groups with contrasting traits. But fake people will be able to pose with anyone because they are only interested in what benefit they can gain from anyone.

Nicki Minaj ends her verse by asserting her dominance in the hip-hop game. She truly was a pioneer in the craft and paved the way for many other female rappers out there now. So, it certainly does look like most of these female rappers were inspired by her and imitated her.

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